Charity Quilt Time

Our Monona Quilters guild is having a collection of charity Quilts coming up soon. (Why do I always wait until the last minute?) I seem to have been chasing squirrels, but have nothing to show for it.

I have some odd WOF pieces which have been sitting in my stash, such as these pink prints of indeterminate age.

In addition, I need to work on using those pesky charm squares. How could I not see the piles of them reproducing in my stash. Apparently the stash is getting nervous about being nibbled away. Here goes, some blue squares are coming out of hiding.

The quickest and easiest solution will be to make a Project Linus quilt because I have a number of fleece blankets which were bought on sale several years ago.

Here’s the pink and blue one I will use. It’s so easy to flip and stitch the strips, especially because of the 50 x 60 inch size. I marked a line to position the strips, which I trimmed to 41 inches. Then I will add a border to cover the edges and bind it.

I love the cute little owls in the snow. This should not take long using the walking foot. I’ve never had any problems with puckering. I’m going to sign up for the One Monthly Goal linkup at Elm Street Quilts to make sure I finish in time for the charity collection.

I’m in a rush to get this done and link up with Angela at and Cynthia at

10 thoughts on “Charity Quilt Time

  1. smilesfromkate

    You are so prolific Paula. Making charity quilts is a great way to use up all your charms and I love your fleece backing. I’ve never used fleece, I must have a go.


  2. catkiz

    That IS a great idea, and fleece can be had so cheaply. And it’s a great way to unload some of those leftover charm squares. Mine begin nagging at me now and then, too.


  3. That really is a cute print for the fleece. The store I used to work at always had tons of fleece throws in every possible color and print, for very little money. I never thought of using them for quilt backings…


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