Just Color

This week I’ve been playing some more, this time with colors. I have three projects in mind. So it’s time to select some colors to work with, my favorite part of the quilt making process.

After several years of buying lots of precuts online, I’m now trying to find ways to use these as well as yardage. I have all my charm squares sorted by color. I have a much larger number of red squares than any other. So I decided to use them and the first thing that came to mind was red, white and blue.

To make the charms more useable, I pieced them into strips of four and added a half charm to each strip, then paired them with dark blues.

I’m thinking that these could be made up into a lap quilt. Will have to work with added whites and maybe a panel for a Quilt of Valor.

This next group of fat quarters has been hiding on the back of a shelf. It would be fun to make something in gradations.

Finally,I am thinking about a challenge wall hanging and using contrast to set a mood.

Does this look mysterious to you? Perhaps I’ll use fusing to construct this one.

Anyway, I’ve definitely got plenty to work on for awhile. I will keep you updated. This lovely cool weather is really invigorating. Hoping to see fall colors once we get some frost around here, which could be this week.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be checking out all the Quilting progress and

I’m linking up with Angela at http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/ and Cynthia at http://quiltingismorefunthanhousework.blogspot.com/

13 thoughts on “Just Color

  1. smilesfromkate

    Ilove that fat quarter bundle you found in your cupboard, a lovely combination of colour, that’s a project I will be watching out for knowing your flair for mixing them together. I’m looking forward to seeing your next challenge project too and how you interpret the theme. Happy stitching Paula.


  2. I like your use of those charms–i have a stash of them here, too–great idea to separate them into color groupings. I really like how that is coming along with the reds…nice projects on the go for you…hugs, Julierose


  3. Diann@ Little Penguin Quilts

    You’re doing a great job using up those charm squares, Paula! That bundle of fat quarters is gorgeous – that will be fun to play with, too.


  4. catkiz

    So glad the cooler weather is energizing you. I can almost see your creative wheels spinning! The patriotic colors can always be put to good use, and the “sea glass” colors of the bundle are luscious. It will be fun to see what you come up with, Paula!!


  5. It’s always so enjoyable to see what you are working on and the end result. I’m especially curious about what you will do with that teal and green bundle. Beautiful colors! Yes, yea for cooler weather. It feels really good to have a quilt on my lap to do some hand stitching or binding.


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