This week I’ve felt lazy, but so happy to be enjoying lovely cooler weather and breezes at last. However, Wisconsin has been experiencing many days of downpours, resulting in rising water levels and record flooding everywhere. Many families have been devastated and some lives have been lost. Hopefully it has run its course now.

My little project involved stitching together pairs of batik fabrics to use in a wallhanging. I cut them freehand mostly from strips. I will appliqué them to a background and use straight line, or not so straight, Quilting. These are a rough idea of the design.

I looked online for a fusing technique involving no damage to the iron. The best choice is sandwich the pieces in nonstick parchment paper. Fortunately my son, who was an accomplished cook, had given me a roll of large parchment sheets.

Here is my little tutorial:

View one shows the pieced batik. Notice it just happens to be orange and dark blue for RSC18 August and September colors! I am using Heat n Bond Lite iron-on adhesive.

It is resting on the parchment paper sandwich after I pressed the adhesive to the back side.

View two shows it pressed onto the b/w square, having used the parchment sandwich again.

This was my first try at fusing and it worked beautifully. Once I finish my final design I will fuse groups of same-size batik pieces to onto the Heat n Bond, then adhere them to my backing fabric.

I can heartily recommend this technique to all you dear online friends.

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