Meet My Friends

There are no Quilts to show you today because I’ve been too busy to get anything further done this week. All I have is a set of strips. During my fabric purge I found a set of 10-inch batik squares in shades of purples and greens. I’m going to donate about six of these strips to the local church Quilting group which received my recent donation. There are enough for a top, but not all are in this photo.

However, I’ve been wanting to share some photos of a group of geese which have become my friends. Each week I go along with a friend who has been visiting and feeding them for many years.

The size of the goose group, a gaggle, has fluctuated, but the three originals are still there. These are Joey, an white and black independent male who hangs out with some local Canada geese, plus Sophie, whose face is white, and her son, Archie, who is always nearby to protect her.

I couldn’t let you miss out on the cute little ones, part of a family of four babies.

No matter the weather, when they hear my friend whistle they come running all in a line to feast on the bread and corn that he brings for them each week. They depend on this because they are domesticated and unable to fly well enough to migrate to warmer climates with the Canadas each winter.

I love all birds and continue to learn about the ones I see here in Wisconsin, but these sweet geese have really stolen my heart.

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