Recently I received a lovely package of fabric from Cathy at Crazy By Design. It included some fabrics she brought home from Africa. She is still blogging about her adventures there, so check them out.

I’m going to start work on the yellow piece, to make an autumn colored table topper for my small antique table.

Note the ORANGE squiggles. With the unusual star colors of rose and pale green, it was hard to decide what to use for borders. I checked out my Moda Grunge strips and found a couple which looked the best

These two are nice earthy colors which should make a good border design.

Meanwhile I’m finishing the 25 scrappy Mile-a-Minute blocks. I had planned on black sashing for a 60×60 top. However, last night I stayed awake way too late and changed my overall plan. More about that next week.

So come back in a week and meanwhile check out the orange happenings at these two blogs:

I’m linking up with Angela at and Cynthia at

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