This week I’ve had fun tackling the scraps and strips that have been sneaking up on me. I should have known they were multiplying in the back of the closet like bunnies. The solution: A mile-a-minute quilt, which I found at Sunnie’s blog, I did one a few years ago, which was really easy. So out came the bags of scraps. These are some of the blocks I’ve pieced, but they have not yet been trimmed to size.

I have ordered a new rotary cutter from Missouri Star, on a really good deal with only $2 shipping. My old ones do not work well and perhaps I have not bought ones of top quality. Lesson learned.

I need 25 blocks at 8 inches finished and have made 12 so far. I will probably use black sashing and borders this time.

The previous one had white,but I like the way black brightens other colors.

The back will probably be larger pieces from a box I’ve been adding to for several months.

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