No matter how I tried I could not make any headway with my purple and green columns of last week. They just were not big enough for the wall hanging area I wanted to fill. In addition I didn’t have enough variety of other colors to make more columns.

I decided instead to make a series of small blocks of scraps, about eight or ten inches, and space them on a solid background. This is the ten-inch block I came up with, wanting to use contrasting colors.

It certainly was bright! But it was just boring. So back to the design floor. I started again to make a block, but the yellows were heading south. So why not forget about the block and let them keep going?

Guess what? It’s working by itself. I don’t really know how I will make it part of the wall hanging, but I’m truly happy with it.

Do you think that color has a mind of its own or am I still learning more as I go along this improv path?

I just realized that this is Friday and I have to do this last minute post at midnight again. I’ve definitely got the turquoise to finish June and am looking forward to a new month.

I’m excited to see all of your colorful projects, so I’m linking up with

Angela at and

Cynthia at

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