Rain, rain, rain and so I cut and pieced all day long. My batik stash is happy to be out of the closet at last! Some of these lovelies have been hiding in the dark for way too long. Last week I started piecing turquoise strips, but somehow I got off that track and the purples called my name. I love playing with color and this has been such a satisfying way to go.

Last week I had only one small piece to share, but now I’ve made some good progress. This is the second step I tried, making a group of related blocks.

Here are the three color groups I started with. These were mostly pieces I cut from 10-inch squares in my stash. I found two entire 40-piece groups of purples shading to pink or peach. But I really liked the dark green, which reminded me of a lake. I added the orange bits to have a bright touch to this group, like the yellow in the purples. Now it,reminds me of a landscape, so I’m heading in that direction now.

Yesterday I did more stash sorting and found lots of purple jelly roll strips. So today I worked with them for several hours and constructed a full-length purple column, which reminds me of a tall cliff.

This is what I had in mind, but it may need to be longer maybe a lot more sky. I’ll save that for the end of the project.

After an exhausting day today, Friday, I’m getting this post done so I can relax this evening. I’m really happy to be working with color again. I hope you will follow along with me.

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