RSC18 week 19


Isn’t it wonderful to see spring flowers in bloom again!   It makes me feel happy in my heart.  My daughter and I took a long drive around all the neighborhood last Sunday. The sun was shining, a breeze was blowing and we saw so many beautiful gardens in bloom.  It was the peak of tulip season and magnolias were blooming as well.  
I am also enjoying PINK this month, thanks to Angela.  My sweet daughter loves to go thrift store shopping and brought me a lovely pink quilt top.  She knows just what makes me happy, fabric of course.  
I ended up trimming it down to 40 X 40 inches.  Some pink calico from way back in my stash was just right for a backing.  It does not require batting because it will go to a nurse near the Texas border, who gives them to mothers in Mexico who need lightweight baby blankets.
Another project I’ve started is using up a layer cake assortment.  Don’t know when or where I acquired it, but I’m taking one more step to get rid of my stash.  
These animals of all kinds will delight some child in need.  I will be making two more lightweight blankets from this collection. I love layer cakes because they piece together so quickly.  
Have a happy weekend everyone and especially all you moms and grandmas!
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7 thoughts on “RSC18 week 19

  1. Flowers and thrifting, and quilting for those who need it! All wonderful, uplifting, and fun. Hope this week is just as good.


  2. What a pretty little rescue quilt! I love the fabric in that layer cake, too. These are great lightweight quilts for a warm climate. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!


  3. Neat to hear about the Mexico charity. It makes sense to leave the batting out in such a warm country. That layer cake is really darling, I love all the animals and geography! I've never seen that line.


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