RSC 18 week 18


This was sort of a bridge week for my quilting.  I really haven’t started on my May colors of pink and rose.  However, pink and rose are in ample supply in the top I’ve just finished.
The holdover from last month is my yellow/gold Sawtooth Star block.  Don’t look too closely at the piecing, please.  Somehow my ruler measurements didn’t agree with what I  ended up with.  Guess the math just makes my head spin as usual.  I always seem to waste fabric by cutting things wrong and then having no fabric left to replace it.  I’m trying to fussy cut my centers, of course.

Here is the top made from a layer cake collection that has been in my stash for a long time. It was a joy to make and is already on its way to Covered In Love.

Meanwhile, for the last couple of months I’ve been really immersed in learning about minimal improv quilting.  It’s where I’m finding my desire to be creative has taken me.  After looking at lots of examples on Pinterest and reading a couple of books and also talking with a couple of folks in my guild, I’m taking the plunge.  I’ll be taking time to study each piece during the process.  

This is my first effort.  I found an 8-inch improv block in my stash, part of a Rainbow Scrap Challenge set.  The warm tones and the look of Africa gave me the starting point. I’m not happy with the flying geese block.  It’s too dark and draws my eye away from the main block.  This I is just a work in progress.

So off I go on my elephant safari into unknown territory.  Wish me luck, dear friends.

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14 thoughts on “RSC 18 week 18

  1. I like your Sawtooth Star! I'm enjoying fussy cutting the centers, too. I've also had some of my flying geese be a little bit off size-wise and it makes me wonder if they are a little bit stretchy on that edge. Pretty top for CiL, too!


  2. Oh, that quilt top looks so good! Nice and springy and sure to be comforting. And good luck with the improv piecing. Once you get the hang of it, it's great fun.


  3. Love the start and it looks perfect to me! Good luck on your new quilting adventure – jumping outside the box and our comfort zone can be really fun sometimes.


  4. I love your improv piece – every bit of it. The vibe is definitely African, which you must know really appeals to me since I’m going to Kenya in July. Plus I did a quilt called Images of Africa about 10 years ago (on my blog, follow the Images of Africa link in the label word cloud). Anyway, I applaud you for following your muse! And to be honest, we ALL have less-than-perfect piecing. Anyone who doesn’t admit it, well, they’re just not admitting it! 😂


  5. Instead of a math-ing error in your YELLOW block, I think you just had a match-ing issue. That happens to most everyone from time to time. Nice job on your CiL quilt, as it's such a great start to PINK month and Kat will be happy to have it for her program!! If you Safari quilt will be bigger, just echo the bits of black somewhere else. That should do the trick to balance things out. Have fun with that new-to-you technique!


  6. Love the start of your colours of Africa. Just add a little strip of the darker colour to the bottom of the main block. That will balance the colour a bit better.


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