RSC 18 week 15


This week was sort of a stop and start period.  I was working on quilting on my pink Project Linus quilt. My shoulders would get so sore I would have to limit my sessions to one or two lines of quilting.  Then came the binding.  I’m lucky to have almost two yards of a very adaptable fabric, irregular stripes of several colors.  It seems to blend with so many fabrics, so I’m going to keep it for binding.  
So by fits and starts I finished the quilt today, after breaking four, yes four machine needles.  I finally found the cause today when I found a loose screw, causing the needles to bend and snap.  Fortunately I had plenty of spares.  
Here is my finished quilt, all set to go to our guild charity day on May 14.  

Today I rushed to make a yellow Sawtooth Star block for my monthly RSC18 collection.  In my haste I did not check back on any of my other blocks, like the pink monkeys on the lime green, which I did last month.  So this is my blooper block.  Maybe I should give it a name sometime.

I guess it will go into my orphan block stash.  We never know when they might find a home.  
That’s about it for news here.  I’m still waiting to see some actual green growth. I hard someone say they saw some tulip leaves popping up, but that’s all.  I look forward to seeing lots of lovely quilts and maybe some pretty flowers from all of you.
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14 thoughts on “RSC 18 week 15

  1. That binding fabric is so awesome! And perfect! As for the blooper block, perhaps it will make a good label? Or one of those intended mistakes I hear old timey quilters made to make sure God knew they were humble?


  2. You changed the colors place and a new look for a traditional block. I like the X star you made. The charity quilt will warm and put smiles on someone's face. Great Paula!


  3. Congratulations on finishing your Donation quilt – it looks great. That's a lovely piece of binding fabric , it will finish many quilts beautifully. Loved the Star block. Had to look back at your previous posts to see why it was a “Blooper “. You must make more like this as they will make a great quilt in the future. “There is no such thing as a mistake, it's just a design opportunity!” was the mantra for British quilter Dorothy Stapleton.


  4. I'm glad you didn't do any damage with those broken needles! I'm always worried a sharp bit will fly out into my eye. That wavy stripe is one of those PERFECT binding designs. Congrats on getting it all sewn onto your PL piece for a fun finish 🙂


  5. I bet several of those cute blooper blocks would create an interesting secondary pattern! You ought to try it on paper. I love your finished quilt, but sorry to hear that the quilting bothers you so much. And that striped fabric is to die for!! Have a good week, Paula!


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