RSC18 week 14


We’ve had enough snow, but it’s still coming down. It’s not bad, like up north,  but it just makes me so hungry for sunshine and temps way up into the 40’s.  
However, thanks to a thoughtful friend, I have a sweet little daffodil sitting by my window.

I hope you have all had a happy Easter week or school vacation.  I visited my daughter’s family. My granddaughter never stops running from one extra class to another.  She has begun taking college level classes as a junior.  She is following in her mother’s footsteps.  We had a wonderful day, with lots of good food and laughter.
As for RSC yellow, I haven’t yet done anything but sort through my stash.  However, I’m working to finish a Project Linus quilt for our guild charity collection in May.  

I know that it looks terribly wrinkled in this photo, but that is misleading.  After working on the quilting those parallel lines my arm muscles were vigorously protesting, so I have just four or five more rows to finish.
Here is a look at some of the cute fabrics including some yellow bits.

As you can see, I have even added the last of my purple 4-patch blocks from Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence project.  
I’m really looking forward to hearing about your Spring (or Fall) doings.  Have a fun week! 
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10 thoughts on “RSC18 week 14

  1. Luckily, our snow has stayed in the mountains and we’ve just had lots of rain here in the valley. That’s OK because I’ve run every errand I can think of with my new car (the odometer is still under 30 miles!) and I’m ready to sew the day away. Your project Linus quilt is so rich with color and variety! I love it. I hope that sunny spring weather comes your way very soon! xo


  2. I love the four patches in your strips. I like to stick some in my string blocks too. Sorry you have had so much snow but maybe it will be gone soon. Have a good week.


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