RSC18 week 10


This month the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color is lime green, one of my favorite colors.  It’s so bright and full of life, the first signs of spring, the little leaves of daffodils popping up in the dead grass.  

The first block I’m sharing is one that I made about a year ago.  It never did fit in any color category.  I decided to try making a Sawtooth Star block and chose these colorful fabrics for practice.

Now I get a chance to show this block, one of my favorites.  I’m continuing Sawtooth Star in RSC18.  

For my second BOM I’m doing the 16-patch again this year.  This was a bit of a challenge in lime, using quite a few fussy-cut pieces. So many cute critters here.

I’m very happy to show you my finished Rainbow Geese Migration quilt.  I broke my older sewing machine while stitching the last of the binding.  Now that my daughter has given me her computerized Brother machine the first thing I did was finish that binding, with no further incidents.  Just in time to show it off at Cynthia’s Geese Migration wrap up.

And here is a lovely scene in a local park.  My friend has been feeding domesticated geese there for many years.  They are larger than the migratory Canada geese that congregate here along with wild malard ducks.

These geese do not migrate and do benefit from the extra food provided during the winter months. It was a  beautiful sunny and windless afternoon, a really special time.
There is no new growth here yet, but spring will be here very soon.  We will all be happy for that.
Have a good week, everyone.
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24 thoughts on “RSC18 week 10

  1. I love your Geese Migration quilt! And I’m glad to see that someone else has not set theirs on point. It looks sharp with the black sashing. That lime green block is so dang cute. I’m not sure I could bear to sew it up into a quilt, LOL!!!


  2. I love all those critters peeking out of your 16-patch! Such a great collection of greens!
    And your Geese Migration is gorgeous! But how on earth did you end up with non-migrating geese living in the park?


  3. Congrats on a wonderful final finish for Geese Migration! It's beautiful, Paula. And your spring green blocks are looking great, too! Like you, I'm happy to be sewing this color this month 🙂


  4. Congratulations on your Migrating Geese finish! That is a pretty quilt. I didn't know there were domesticated geese. Those migrating geese look pretty big to me; I'd hate to see a domesticated one. Do they chase people like I've seen geese on tv?


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