RSC18 week 9


We are finally finished with purple.  February seemed to be the longest month this year, just dragging on. I am sick and tired of purple!  Thank you, thank you, Angela for bright light green this month.  I won’t see any spring growth here in Wisconsin for about another month, but I can play with my fabrics and fill my heart with spring.  In fact, we can hear birds chirping again and just now I can hear the coo, coo of a mourning dove.
Great news!  After my 13-year-old sewing machine bit the dust, my daughter gave me a lovely fully automated, computerized Brother which she was not using.  

As you can see, it has all the bells and whistles and shortcuts I could want.  However, that does not mean I’ve been sewing up a storm.  It’s been several days of slogging through the manual, figuring out how to make it run.  With my shaky hands it took about an hour for me to get it threaded and a bobbin filled after dropping a bunch of those colorless things everywhere.
The other problem is my custom sewing table, which needs a new inset for this machine.  I spent about another hour just now attempting to order it with an outdated credit card.  Finally got that done this Friday afternoon, so it won’t be here until Wednesday.  Does this whole tale sound like I’m losing my mind?  It couldn’t be old age…
On the bright side, I got as far as finding a surprise of some nice light green fabrics in my stash.
Aren’t they pretty?  I’m going to get busy hunting for lime greens and I hope that by next week I will be able to post photos of some new blocks for you to enjoy with me.
Hsave a good week, everyone.
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19 thoughts on “RSC18 week 9

  1. Very pretty, spring-y fabrics! And how exciting to have a new machine to play with. Once you get past the learning curve for the bells and whistles, I hope you have a lot of fun with all those different stitches. I'm excited about the new month's color, too, and have been pulling out scraps to ponder…


  2. You have started well. Machine nearly ready to sit n sew, fabric ready to cut and a colour to cheer you up. I didn't even get my purples out… So there is hope for greens. Good luck for your sewing this month.


  3. Pretty springy fabrics! I hear you about the clear bobbins! My cats also help relocate them at times, but really how hard would it be to make them tinted colors? I'm glad to hear you're figuring out the new machine – time invested in learning will turn out to be well spent later!


  4. Looks like you have some fun stitches to try out on that new machine. I marked some of my bobbins with a Sharpie on the top. Makes them easier to find when I knock them on the floor.


  5. Anticipation of being able to sew with gorgeous fabrics is often half the fun! And we all understand the learning curve of a new machine. So, we are totally with you on this! Have a fun, bright and springy-green week!!


  6. Lovely green fabrics, and a “new” machine for free; I'd say February was a good month for you! I hope you manage to set up your machine satisfactorily soon.


  7. Oh, I like Mari's tip about marking those clear bobbins with a sharpie! I like it a lot!
    It's an adventure learning a new machine, isn't it? I finally decided to just tackle each new bell and whistle as I needed it, which let me get right to the piecing.
    Enjoy your happy greens!


  8. Brothers are dependable machines, and I hope you two get along. I have worked with one many times, and was so impressed I bought a very inexpensive one for my travel machine. With all those fancy stitches, maybe you will give some of your blocks a quilt as you go treatment. Have you tried this before?


  9. have fun getting to know the newest member of your sewing family. I too have had enough of winter here in central Alberta, and will be content playing with my yellow greens. It is always such an uplifting colour for me. Happy sewing


  10. Hope you are having lots of fun getting to know your new machine. I found my last one scary at first and there was a getting to know you period, if fact she still surprises me at times, but pleasantly so. I hope your new insert came on time, it makes such a difference.


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