RSC18 week 8


The other day my well-used sewing machine bit the dust.  I was shopping for a new one and waiting for my daughter to bring me one of hers to try out.  However, tragedy struck before this could happen. Well, tragedy is overstating it, but my feeling of loss was quite real.  
It happened two days ago. I was working on my January Scrap Attack goal, finishing binding my Rainbow Geese quilt, when the needle broke right off.  That was okay and I tried to replace it.  However, with my clumsy attempts I broke off the needle holder itself and was unable to reattach it.  Here’s the quilt with the unfinished side hidden.  
Suddenly I had time on my hands with nothing to do and realized how much I actually do with my machine each day.  Reading or cleaning  closets did not fill that void.  Last night was the end of the Olymplics figure skating as well. 

So I went hunting through my sewing room and finally found a large number of purple 4-patches hidden  away.  They were part of a Bonnie Hunter challenge which I never completed.  To show you all that I have done some purple work this week, I laid out this block on my slippery design  floor.  I just had to have more than one photo for this post.  

This is just a fraction of the patches which would make a baby quilt.  I’m thinking I could use them to frame some cute panel, or as a border for my pink and purple crib quilt.  

So that’s all the news from here this week, other than the fact that most of the snow has melted and my fingers are no longer frozen.

Have a good week, everyone.
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22 thoughts on “RSC18 week 8

  1. Oh Paula, your decision to get a new machine was prophetical and for the old one to break before you find the right one, disaster. Do you do handwork? Maybe this is the time to do some hand quilting, just a small piece to keep you focused and busy until a replacement arrives. I feel your pain, sad 😦


  2. I like the purples four patch together and spy that you have 2 squares with a fabric I also have and that I used this week. Now every time I'll look at it I will remember of you, Paula. I'm Sorry to know that the needle holder broke and you could not finish your quilt. It is frustating. But things like this may happen.


  3. Tragedy is definitely the word! I feel your pain, as I went through a similar death just a few weeks ago. I hope the borrowed machine arrives soon and the looking you've been doing aids in speeding up the new purchase. The purple squares are fun, too!


  4. Yeah, when you're reduced to closet-cleaning, it's a sad sad day…
    Offering a ton of sympathy about that machine. I lost my old workhorse last year and I know how you feel!


  5. Oh, no! It's hard to be without a machine. I'm sorry you have to go through that and hope your new machine fill the void. We keep “critical spare parts” on the boat; you know, stuff like spare engine belts and an extra anchor. I knew my quilting had become serious when DH suggested I keep my old Kenmore as a “critical spare”!!


  6. I've been in your shoes a couple of times…once in the middle of sewing wedding and bridesmaid dresses for my daughter's wedding. That was before you could actually find sewing machines to buy in more than one or two places – usually a place that sold vacuums too! Hope it all works out for you and you are back to sewing in no time!


  7. Ugh — I broke off my auto threader and keep putting off getting it fixed. Do I really want my main sewing machine out of the house for at least a month or so? Of course not. However, I do have other options. Now to finally make that trek down to the shop so it can be fixed. Your purple four patches are cute.


  8. I had a long comment to you typed on Saturday, but it never appeared. I wonder if I hit some wrong key. Anyway, I hope you get a great new machine. Will you finish that binding by hand? And if you’re still going through sewing withdrawals, you can come help me with my closets, LOL!


  9. That sounds like a pretty big tragedy to me. Sorry your sewing buddy has reached forced retirement. Hopefully your daughter has been able to bring you something to try out.


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