RSC18 week 6


This month is not my favorite for weather, and this year for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color, purple. When I pulled my purple stash I was really disappointed.  There are some terrific batiks, but otherwise all the rest seem very dull.  I also have very few prints to use.  I was hoping to find lovely florals, especially lilacs and violets, two of my favorite flowers.   Overall, a pretty depressing stash for me.  I’m sticking to my rule of no fabric purchases this year, so there will be slim pickings.  

However, I did find a large scrap of a gorgeous floral and used it for my first Sawtooth Star block.   

I was really surprised when the photo showed it off better than it appeared to my eyes. The slanting light seemed to bring it alive. 
The 16-patch block was not very exciting at all.  See all the pale grayish tones?  Now I have a collection of 2-1/2 inch squares which will probably get moldy in the bottom of some orner of the closet.

In order to have something to show for February, I’m making a Project Linus quilt using purple and pink strips and  charms.  The fleece backing for this is a sweet unicorn print on purple.  Some little girl will love it.  

Enough of these negative purple thoughts.  On the definetly positive side:
I’m going to buy myself a new sewing machine. My current one was bought twelve years ago when I retired.  It was not a high end machine and has gotten good use, but has some real drawbacks for quilting.  The throat space, between the needle and the body, is only 5-1/2 inches.  I have to turn the wheel in order to raise and lower the foot.  There are other drawbacks as well.   
I’ve done quite a bit of comparison shopping, mostly online, and have decided on a real quilting machine at a good price.  If the snow ever holds off this week, I hope to get to the sewing store to try it out.  Hopefully the big reveal will be next Saturday.  
I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you folks have been up to.
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22 thoughts on “RSC18 week 6

  1. not a lot of purples, no, but they're really not too bad! hope you're getting a Bernina! I love mine-the needle up/down, and thread cutter are great! I've heard that jukis can sew really, really fast, tho!


  2. Purple makes me happy and your 4-patch block has great color! And the star with the fabulous flower in the center is beautiful. Who doesn't love unicorns? Some little girl is going to be over the moon! Have fun machine shopping! It sounds exciting…


  3. A new machine, how exciting! Twelve years is plenty of time to wait. Lots of new features that can be helpful. I'm lusting after a machine with a serpentine stitch myself. And I love your purple blocks. Do yourself a favor and give away those old purple squares. Someone will love them and you'll get a fresh start!


  4. Your purples don't look dull to me. And that's the nice thing about scrappy quilts…all fabrics look good together when all is said and done.

    Congrats on the new machine! I know all about small throats – quilting ain't easy!


  5. well, I like your purple blocks, Paula. I can't see any problem with them, you did a great work with your purples, really!
    Wow, great news … a new sewing machine for quilting.


  6. Oh, you're going to love have more throat space and a needle down function! After I upgraded last year, I wondered how I got along without them. Very exciting!

    I don't think your purples look greyed out all. To me, your 16 patch is very purply-purple 🙂 And the center of your star is a gorgeous little scrap indeed! But I do understand if you see a color a certain way in your mind's eye and your scraps don't reflect that, it can be disappointing. At least you have purple unicorn fleece on hand. How many people can claim that?? Ha ha!


  7. I have more holes in my stash than a leaky cauldron, I feel your pain. Saying that you have two rather nice blocks there, I love the star centre, it sets the block off beautifully. No new fabric for the whole year, sad, let's see how long you hold put hehe! I bought my latest machine, a Bernina 770, for the large throat too and chose it partly because I love my 440, twelve years old and going strong, I wouldn't part with it. I would have settled for a machine with fewer features though, I don't tend to use the thread cutter as it cuts the top too short for me and it sometimes becomes unthreaded, I don't need all the stitches either. In fact a wide throat machine with a good basic choice of stitches would be great, plus the up down, knee lift etc. The thing I miss is the foot lever, I havn't got one, sad 😦


  8. A new sewing machine! So exciting! I hope it has all the bells and whistles that aren't necessary but are so much fun. I love the purple that you did manage to find. The star block is a winner.


  9. Well, your blocks certainly look vibrant on my screen. Glad to hear you’re thinking of a new machine. That should be a fun upgrade for you! Hugs from sunny Southern Arizona….


  10. I think both of your purple blocks look great! Especially the star. LOVE THAT! I am so excited for you getting a new sewing machine! It will be fun to see your big reveal. 🙂


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