Scrap Attack, 12/28/17

The Scrqp Attack plan came just in time for me to tackle some much needed work on my encroaching fabric stash.  Here is the evidence.

June, 2015 This was the state of this fabric storage area back then.  I had just obtained the blue stacking unit and thought it was the answer to my problems.  

Obviously I was way off course.  I started buying fabric online with every sale I found.  Here is the result now, a whole wall full two layers deep.
So here are my Scrqp Attack goals, all UFOs, some of which are stacked in a pile on top on the right side.
Quilt and bind all the following:
  1. Rail Fence Star
  2. Balloons
  3. Houses
  4. Sizzle Strips
  5. Improv blocks
  6. X Block
  7. Gentrification
  8. Spinning Curves
  9. Stars Large and Small
  10. Beth’s Quilt
  11. Trim all scraps
  12. Geese Migration

9 thoughts on “Scrap Attack, 12/28/17

  1. I so understand the on line fabric sale bit. I got sucked in too many times. I must resist this year. So, let's sew the place down Paula. It'll be a very merry year indeed. Good luck with your goals. ;^)


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