RSC17 week 50


The fact that Christmas is coming quickly did not deter me from starting three quilted gifts.  I’ve never tried the pattern before, but believed every word Joy at The Joyful Quilter told us about how easy and fun this project is.  If I find out differently in the coming days, she is the one to blame.  
Here are the three stacks of strips I gathered for piecing each one. 
So far I have finished the piecing on two of them and working on the last one.  Then the real challenge begins for me, to assemble these gifts ASAP.  

That’s all I’ve been doing this week, so I’m sharing an antique quilt from my collection.  It goes so nicely over my wing chair and adds more Christmas cheer.  It is a Courthouse Steps log cabin variation from around 1900 and is made of heavier fabric, perhaps for draperies or winter dresses. The closeup gives you a feel for the texture.    

It was given to me by a woman who wanted to know the age of another quilt and then offered it to me for free, to give it a good home.  It joined my other old adopted quilts and is truly loved.
I hope you all have a happy and peaceful holiday season.
Meanwhile, you can see all the cheerful happenings at
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12 thoughts on “RSC17 week 50

  1. I love your antique quilt. Good luck with your projects! I hope they get done before Christmas! And if I don't get another chance, Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. Good luck with the finishing touches on your baskets. Can't wait to see those fabrics all sewn together. The pile on the left must be for a younger person. They have fun prints.
    Your antique quilt is awesome. The colors are still so vibrant. Lucky girl. ;^)


  3. LOL!! It is FAST and fun. Especially, if you leave off the QAYG portion and just do “made fabric” to quilt up. You CAN do it!! Thanks for sharing another of your antique quilts. You seem to have QUITE the collection!


  4. Hope you finished all your Christmas stitching and that it all went together exactly as it was meant too. The antique quilt as a lovely shimmer. I can see why it is well loved. Have a very happy holiday season.


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