RSC17 week 49


This week has been playtime for me.  In other words, neglecting the finishing quilting and binding on three quilts while getting into some new projects and having fun with them instead.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?   
I don’t have any set deadlines right now, no promises made that I can’t keep.  But last week I awoke one morning and a Project Linus quilt idea popped into my head full blown.   I had a layer cake stack of animal prints which I had bought for fussy cutting.  They are not in my usual bright colors.  However, a roll of Grunge strips inspired me to do a quilt with those and the animals.  Turqouise and warm orange are included in the prints.  
To make it as quick and easy as possible, I decided on a row quilt, where ther is no seam matching and anything goes.  Here is my first idea laid out on my design floor.
In this case the white pieces act like another bright, versus beige.  So it will be quite lively for a child.  Finding backing fabrics won’t be a problem. My bulging stash will breathe a sigh of relief to lose some weight.
  I’m calling this one Waterfront Property.
The other project is my RSC17 or RSC16 neglected blocks, houses and little boats.  As I mentioned before, I’ve been making some trees for my neighborhood.  Finally I decided to use these three blocks in a row quilt rather than just the house blocks alone.  I even found some cute ocean fabric which I had bought to use with the boats.
The layout here comes right off of my graph paper mockup.  I haven’t named this one yet.
The end result has been playing with my blocks and having a good time.  Even if I work on the WIPs I will still be cheered by thinking and planning for these fun row quilts.  
I’m not doing any Christmas Quilting projects this year.  I don’t need the pressure.
Join me in the fun of checking out the wonderful things folks are doing at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

17 thoughts on “RSC17 week 49

  1. Both of these are shaping up nicely! Isn't it nice to not have any pressure to finish any particular quilt? That way when a squirrel runs through your brain, you can chase it right into the sewing room.

    I'm sewing with some of my Christmas fabrics this year, but have no expectation to finish anything. Just playing with seasonal stuff for fun.


  2. I love your Waterfront Property plan. Row quilts are such a satisfying and easy way to get a quilt made. 🙂 I'm not doing any Christmas sewing this year either. Gotta take time off every once in a while!


  3. Animals do bring out the child in us 🙂 Love your fabrics but your row by row idea is just perfect. I am sure it will be a cute playtime quilt. Isn't it great to have no deadlines?


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