RSC17 week 47, 11/25


Here is the fastest quilt I’ve ever made.   I plan to show it at my guild soon.  I showed the process last week and finished the flimsie. 

  It was finished with a narrow orange batik border.  The wide outer border was cut from a wide batik backing I’ve had for seven years, which was way too long to hide in my closet.

The finished size is 60 X  70 inches.  I named it Southwest Daybreak.  

That is when my plans changed.  I was writing a post to Kat to offer it to her at 
katandcatquilts.blogspot.comCovered In Love

 Just then my daughter stopped by with some groceries.  She took one look at it and loved it.  I made my first quilt all by hand for her when she was 14, an Irish Chain done before rotary cutters and mats.  
As for this one, the size for quilting was intimidating.  She then said she would prefer to have a fleece backing like many I’ve made for Project Linus.  I gave her the okay because that’s not as bulky to manage.

Naturally, she went right down to Joanne’s and they had a great supply of fleece at pre-Black Friday sale prices.  Here is what she came up with for the back.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a plan for my Geese Migration blocks.  I’m not including the multicolored ones from last April, so the remaining 16 make a nice layout.  I plan to use black sashing and will see what comes next.  

I hope everyone is having a good weekend and not spending too too much on fabric.  I’ve made a purchase from Craftsy, but one was a pack of Olfa blades.  They really do last longer.  That was very practical, wasn’t it?  That’s all I have to say for now.  Have a fun week! 

I’ll be waiting to see what everyone has done at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

19 thoughts on “RSC17 week 47, 11/25

  1. How lovely that your daughter spotted the quilt and loved it and wanted it. Hope the fleece backing quilts up nicely. It's a very pretty quilt, reminds me of sunshine peeking through the branches in a forest. Love those Geese Migration blocks, such pretty colours. It will be another beautiful quilt.


  2. Perfect name for the quilt. I've never used fleece for a backing because I have been afraid it will be too hard to quilt it on my DSM. I supposed you skip batting, then?

    What a wonderful array of Geese Migration blocks. Be careful with the blocks…your daughter might see them and want another quilt!


  3. I love the name you chose for your, I mean your daughter's, quilt! A fleece back with no batting will be much lighter for quilting and just as snuggly. Your geese look great, all migrating in rainbow order 🙂


  4. Well, you already know I love the Southwest Daybreak quilt. But I’ve also admired your Geese Migration blocks (way more than mine). The black background will really make them sing!


  5. How cool that you found the perfect border fabric hiding in your stash. I love it when that happens. Southwest Daybreak is gorgeous! Your Geese Migration blocks turned out beautifully. I'm contemplating using that as my 2018 RSC project, any tips/hints?


  6. Love our Geese Migration blocks. I don't usually like a rainbow type quilts. and the name for the Southwest Daybreak is perfect! Nice fast one I wish I'd seen 2 weeks ago. Maybe I can do it for a comfort quilt . And thanks for visiting me at


  7. Oh my goodness – those geese migration blocks are awesome! Black will really set them off beautifully. Your sunset quilt is just stunning – I can see why your daughter claimed it. Great job…. I only purchased batting – maybe I can finish a quilt or two now?


  8. Such lovely tops. The crosswise orange strips liven up what would otherwise be a simple colorwash. Great idea there, Paula. And your flying geese are so saturated. I like the ROYGBIV layout and am glad you did not include the multicolored one. They are both wonderful; no surprise your daughter grabbed one.


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