Covered In Love, 11/9

I’m starting a new quilt for Covered In Love this week.  I love bright colors, but have a big bin full of batiks, mostly jelly roll strips in muted colors.  So I dug into them and decided to make blocks. I fold the strip into four and cut off the extra selvage, leaving 10 1/2 inches.  With my scores I cut through the folded end and has four equal strips.  No rotary cutting needed.  Then I chain piece pairs of these strips.

The strips laid out look  like a sample below.

I’m planning on about a 60 X 60 or longer top.  At the rate this is going, it will probably be finished next week.  My bin is now at least one-third empty and the top is looking good already.
I’m linking up with Covered In Love at 
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6 thoughts on “Covered In Love, 11/9

  1. These are lovely batiks, Paula! They'll make a beautiful, comforting quilt for CiL. I don't have many batiks, but the few times I've worked with them have been a real pleasure.


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