RSC week 42


This has been a very nice week for me with a few surprises.  First, my daughter, who is a nurse, stopped by yesterday and brought me a Subway sandwich, yum yum.  Then, when I was showing her the three Project Linus quilts I had finished for Monday’s guild charity collection, she asked if she could give one to a special friend.  This is a young woman with a debilitating condition, getting weaker all the time.  Beth is part of her support group.  She and her mother both love quilts.  Of course, I was thrilled to give my quilt to a person who is sick and will appreciate it.  
She will be getting my Mile a Minute quilt, with Beth proudly showing it off.
Today I received a post from Kat at   She posted photos of a top I donated to her charity Covered In Love.  She had it finished and it will be donated to the family of a terminally ill patient at the hospital in Texas where Kat works.  I was delighted to see the backing and quilting done by Meloney, another volunteer.  Here is my photo of the blocks in progress.

As for pink, I did also manage to finish my two pink Geese Migration blocks.

The week flew by and that’s all I got done in quilting The Rainbow quilt and piecing the geese.  I am looking forward to seeing all of your scrappy doings at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

16 thoughts on “RSC week 42

  1. I saw your quilt on Kat's blog, Paula! It turned out great! I send blocks to Kat for every block drive – it's such a good feeling to know your quilting can be used to help someone. I'm glad your Mile a Minute quilt can go to someone who needs it, too! The pink goose blocks are really pretty


  2. That's wonderful that your quilt is going to support someone in need. And your geese migration blocks look great as always — I'm very interested to see how that will look all together!


  3. It was very sweet of you to let your daughter take one of the quilts you have been working on. I'm sure her friend will enjoy it. Any more fun with PINK coming off your sewing machine? If so, I'll bee looking forward to seeing it next week!


  4. That was a wonderful gesture by Beth and you to give the quilt to someone locally who will love and appreciate it. I saw your quilt on Kat’s blog, too. Covered in Love is such a great cause. I’m thinking of switching my charity sewing from kennel quilts (our local area has tons) to CIL in 2018.


  5. Paula, I was so thrilled to see your quilt all finished on Kat's blog! I love that pattern and want to make one myself, soon. I'm so glad your Mile A Minute quilt is going to be well-loved by Beth's friend. I hope it gives her warmth and comfort and peace.


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