RSC17 week 40


It’s about time.  Pink is finally here.  Strangely, I don’t have much of a pink stash to choose from right now.  I just used quite a bit on my girl’s row quilt.  However, I must admit I did supplement my stash with a number of precuts, namely, an I Spy layer cake with lots of princess squares.  And I have been watching Smiles from Kate and drooling over her Alison Glass fabrics.  I dipped my toe in and ordered a charm pack, which just arrived.  Talk about brilliant colors, they really glow.  
Enough about buying fabrics.  My first pink project was two little houses to finish off my neighborhood.
I had to put the cat in one doorway.  This was followed by screeching and jumping from my pink monkeys bought at Quilt Expo.  So one of them literally swung from my ceiling fan and dropped into the other house (maybe a slight exaggeration).  
I’m very happy with the pair of them.  This did solve the jealousy problem for now.  

My main project now is our guild charity collection in two weeks.  I have two Project Linus quilts finished, but could not pass up the chance to add one more.   My crayon quilt without the points became a rainbow strip quilt instead,  I made the pink row and finished piecing the strips last night.  Although each strip had twenty 2.5 X 5 inch pieces, there was as much as two inches difference in width when I measured them.  I fiddled around until they all ended at 40 inches.  That included removing a piece from the longest row.   
Last week I had bought the cutest rainbow themed fleece blanket to back it.  They were on sale again at a lower price, $3.80 this week, so my daughter kindly bought me five more really cute kid fleeces.  I also ordered five crib size poly batting a from Connecting Threads during their 30% off sale.  So I have no excuse not to complete many more Project Linus quilts.  
I’m thankful for this productive week and hope you all had a chance to get some good pink projects underway.
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17 thoughts on “RSC17 week 40

  1. Wow, that WAS a productive week! I love your rainbow “crayons” – the Project Linus quilt is a great use for the bright, happy colors. And I'm glad your cat and monkey are getting along, too. Have to keep our menageries happy. Great post, Paula! xo


  2. I love your pink houses! Isn't it funny how those rows weren't the same length even though they were supposed to be? Fabric can bemagic that way. I'll miss the end of the crayon quilt, but the rows look great as a Linus quilt instead. Bright and cheerful and sure to make a child happy.


  3. Good solution to give the cat and monkey each their own house! Too funny. Such a lovely PL quilt out of those bright crayon strips. Someone is going to love that one.


  4. Love the pink houses. And I especially enjoy seeing the cat looking out while having coffee…and apparently hiding the fact that a giraffe spent the night and they don't want the neighbors to know.


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