RSC week 36


This month the color is perfect for the season, especially the cooling days and nights.  I do sympathize with the folks in the Pacific Northwest who have been months without rain, very high temps and tragic wildfires.
So now it’s back to RSC17 projects.   The first one I made is my orange crayon body.  I’ve been putting off doing the tips until the end.  However, after three years with Angela and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I finally have made my first actual RAINBOW!
When I laid out the rows it was so thrilling to see my pieced strips have finally become a rainbow. Now  I am having second thoughts about the crayon pattern with the points and strips of white between each row.  
I’ve always loved the stained glass effect that black adds to the colors, so I could substitute black for the white strips or, on the other hand, leave off the points entirely so the quilt becomes a pure rainbow with no points to distract from that image.  However, I definitely will not try to curve the strips into a true rainbow shape.  It’s the colors that count, after all.
I was fortunate to attend Quilt Expo here in Madison yesterday.  Most of our time was taken up viewing the exhibit of about 300 quilts, all done by very talented quilters.  I spent a bit of time trying out a fancy Pfaff machine, so very impressive.  But my only purchases were a pack of my favorite needles and  a fat quarter of the cutest monkey fabric ever.  Our door-to-door bus picked us up at 2:30, which was an enjoyable time there without being exhausting.  Here are my sweet monkeys:
My second RSC17 project was my two houses, which have a definite African vibe.
It’s a good start to a fruitful month for me, and I  wish the same for all of you, especially those affected by stormy weather.
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20 thoughts on “RSC week 36

  1. The crayons look lovely all together! I can see why you might hesitate to finish them off with points. I don't think adding in the background fabric will detract from the rainbow, but give it a chance to shine. A dark background sounds interesting. It will be a fun quilt no matter what.


  2. I love your houses, especially with the African vibe. That's another one to add to my bucket list. And your strips are lovely and will be spectacular regardless of how you choose to finish them. What a delightful, colorful post!


  3. ROYGBIV! Love your rainbow!
    You could have it both ways by putting your crayons on a black background. (Seeing people's crayon blocks has always made me smile. Perhaps this means I should make some of my own?)
    I love your houses, and I'm crazy about those monkeys. (I see fabric shopping in my future…)


  4. your rainbow looks oh so good, now for the difficult decision of how to complete it.Houses look good too. Sounds like a nice show you went too and well done with the purse strings wonder how tempted you were with the sewing machine, monkey fabric is cute


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