RSC17 week 34


I confess I did only two projects involving neutrals this month,  but one is a finished flimsy.   It’s been an exciting week for me, making and completing this Mile a Minute quilt top.  I loved every minute of it, putting all my scraps together and making a huge dent in my scrap box.
Since I follow RSC17 every month I’ve been in the habit of pulling pieces for each color in turn, then storing them away again.  But the little bits and odd color combinations were always hanging around forgotten.  So those pesky ones are exactly what I used.  And, as they say, if you cut fabric small enough it will fit right in.   
Here are close ups of a few of my favorite blocks.
This block includes snails, a car and some really wacky shapes.
My bananas have the spotlight here.
Some fruit and an upside down lacy heart – you can’t catch every mistake. 
Today I finished the sashing.  It is a thrill to use some of these unwanted neutral strips.  My friend cut them with her Go cutter, but did the entire batch of fabric by mistake.  And I almost never use 2-inch strips.  They worked perfectly here and the border will be the same.
For the backing I will be using a fleece with penguins and purple.  What could be better than that?  This will be for Project Linus at our Monona Quilters twice yearly charity quilt day.  They are a phenomenal group of motivated people.  Our collection in May brought in over 200, all for a variety of local charities.  My next one will be a row quilt for a little girl.  I already have the fleece and fabrics waiting.   
I hope you have all had a good scrappy week or other fun times.  Take a look at the scrappy projects I link with:
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

14 thoughts on “RSC17 week 34

  1. Those fun little pesky fabrics are perfect for the multi-colored month! But your sashing is perfect – and perfect for this month. Such a lovely project, no matter how you slice it. I should put something like that on my list for next year…… which is beginning to stretch into 2019, hehehe!


  2. these blocks have worked so well in the quilt ans so god to have a friend who has a cutting machine for the strips. I was a bit concerned when a lady from linus was saying on tv that all the quilts have to be washed at 90 degrees to steriliese them I am sure they do not last long at that rate as they say to wash them at 30.


  3. What a fun scrappy project! I have been thinking about my next scrap quilt to try to tame the scraps. There are so many choices! I just need to pick one and get it done as I'm sure I will have plenty of scraps for the next project.


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