RSC17 week 33


Another week of lovely weather spurred me on to make loads of progress on my Mile a Minute quilt, but I did not quite get to the neutral sashing.  So here it is post writing time and no neutrals yet after almost three weeks of August gone.  Does it seem like I’m avoiding them?  You could say that.
Meanwhile, on Monday I had a visit from a friend in our Monona Quilters guild.  She is doing a lot of experimenting with techniques and brought some of her small quilts to show me some examples. She is now trying dying her fabric.  However, I’ve been there, done that back in the hippie era near San Francisco.  My friend and I had a lovely visit and I learned a lot with the hands-on session.  She also recommended Fabrico markers for writing on fabric.  I ordered a set and am happy with them.
Now, desperate to contribute something for Angela this week, I quickly pieced two neutral houses.
See, I can do neutrals and they turned out better than I expected.  That’s all, folks.
Now back to my scrappy progress.  I’ve almost finished the 25 blocks at 8.5 inches each, a good size, with  sashing added, for a Project Linus quilt.  I am going to back it with one of the fleece blankets that I bought on sale a couple of years ago.  I found two of them hiding in my closet and will use the one with cute penguins on it.
Here is a sample of the finished blocks, all that I could fit on my design floor.  They are really fun, a combination of randomness with some color coordination.  

I’m looking forward to  seeing what all of you have been doing this week with your scraps.
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23 thoughts on “RSC17 week 33

  1. scrappy blocks looks so good and the houses have worked well, reminds me I have not done my neutral crazy block yet. Not come across the fabrico pens so will check them out too


  2. I really like your neutral houses, Paula! There is something about those colors all together in one block that appeals to me. Your Project Linus blocks ar coming along too. It will be a bright happy quilt for someone who needs a quilty hug!


  3. The houses look great as well as the other project! 🙂 The neutrals didn't work for the two projects that I am using RSC to work on but that is fine. Taking a break from them to try to work on finishing some quilts this month instead. Which sometimes is a lot more boring than starting them or working on them, LOL!!


  4. Yay you on the neutral house blocks! I'm heading upstairs to work on mine as soon as I'm done typing this! I like the rainbow blocks-they'll make such a bright quilt for such a good cause. We quilters sure do give a lot away don't we?


  5. I love your neutral houses (they must be new, LOL. Most houses built these days are in neutral colors). But those colorful blocks just sing!! I'll take color over neutrals any day. (And my house is yellow!)


  6. I'm skipping the neutrals this month as they just won't work with my blocks. I need to put them on the design wall to see what color blocks I need to add more of. Because I'm trying to finish some things I doubt if I get back to that for a while. Sigh.


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