Midweek Makers, 8/16


This week I got sidetracked by a squirrel.  Just when I had my WIPs plan all laid out.  I came across the Mile a Minute quilt tutorial by Edith at inchbyinchquilting.blogspot.ca.   My plans flew out the window and I gathered all my little scraps.  To make a baby quilt I need 25 blocks at 8.5 inches, one of my standard sizes.  

After piecing together small bits for the 25 blocks, I became impatient to see RESULTS.

I chose four of them randomly and went to work, using  a sort of log cabin technique, and finished them at  8.5 inches.  Needless to say, they are very colorful.  They do need sashing and I just happen to have a big pile of 2-inch neutral strips.  When I was needing strips I asked my friend, who has a Go cutter, to cut some.  She went ahead and cut up all the fabric I gave her, enough for many neutral Strippy projects.  Here is how the blocks and sashing will look.

Since then I haven’t been able to stop working on these blocks.  I’m chain piecing the rest of the strips.  They are in various stages of completion, most nearing the finish.  But today I have six finished blocks to share.
The weather has been delightful this week, energizing me to keep up the pace.  I should finish the blocks by the end of the week and get going on the sashiing.
For the backing I have a cute piece of fleece to make it nice and cuddly.  

 Our Monona Quilters next charity quilt collection is in October, so I will have this unexpected Project Linus quilt to contribute. 

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4 thoughts on “Midweek Makers, 8/16

  1. love this kind of quilting. I did one random colors like you and another will each block in certain colors. fun technique. now making pumpkins of them. have mug rugs and a runner done and 6 more pumpkins to make something with.


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