RSC17 week 32


This week I got sidetracked by a squirrel.  Just when I had my WIPs plan all laid out.  I came across the Mile a Minute quilt tutorial by Edith at   My plans for neutrals flew out the window and I gathered all my little scraps.  To make a baby quilt I need 25 blocks at 8.5 inches, one of my standard sizes.  
After piecing together small bits for the 25 blocks, I became impatient to see RESULTS.
I chose four of them randomly and went to work, using  a sort of log cabin technique, and finished them at  8.5 inches.  Needless to say, they are very colorful.  They do need sashing and I just happen to have a big pile of 2-inch neutral strips.  When I was needing strips I asked my friend, who has a Go cutter, to cut some.  She went ahead and cut up all the fabric I gave her, enough for many neutral Strippy projects.  Here is how the blocks and sashing will look.
That’s all the neutrals I have done so far, and those are just laid on my design floor.  However, I’m looking forward to Monday, when a talented friend from our Monona Quilters will bring me some samples of her small study pieces.  I plan to make some small ones myself in neutral minimal style and she can show me the technical details.  
The weather has been delightful this week, energizing me to get my latest WIP finished.  I added borders to my Fence Rail Stars top and enlarged the bunny backing with leftover blocks. 

Now I just have to dig into my batting to find pieces to use for the 42-inch square quilt.  And work on 21 more MaM blocks. Our guild’s next charity quilt collection is in October, so I will have at least two Project Linus quilts to contribute.
I hope the rest of you friends have more ideas for neutrals this week.  The blocks I’ve been doing monthly don’t seem to work for neutrals.  I guess I will have to rely on you and the squirrels for more ideas.  
For more inspiration check out these great scrappy blogs this weekend.
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

15 thoughts on “RSC17 week 32

  1. Lovely scrappy blocks Paula, so colourful, they will make w lovely scrap quilt. Your Rail Fence Stars turned out beautiful, so bright and the backing is perfect for a little one, I like how you used up the leftovers from the front. You've had a great week.


  2. I love the Rail Fence Star quilt and how you incorporated leftover blocks in the back. Neutrals are hard (for me) for primary blocks. That's why I'm piecing neutral strip blocks – they will make good alternate blocks down the road.


  3. Wow Paula, of course I just love your little colourful Mile a Minute, as I said be careful it addictive. Thanks for checking out my tutorial. Love how you did the backing on the Rail Fence Stars top, I always like to use extra bits in the back if I can.


  4. I had to cheat on neutrals by declaring orange to be one. Works for me!
    I love both these projects you've got going here! What a lot of fun you're having with all those gorgeous colors!


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