RSC17 week 29


In the past week of clouds, rain and thunderstorms I’ve been missing the beautiful blue skies here in the Midwest.  So I’ve kept busy using my blue scraps for Rainbow Scrap Challenge goals.  My final project in blues was the Geese Migration blocks.  Cynthia has inspired me to really dig in and find special blue scraps.  
The light block was easier to do than the dark one, because the dark colors tend to blur together too easily, so I had to use bits of other colors to enliven the blocks. 
Here you can compare the blocks and see the different things that stand out.

Now that I got my two tops sent off Covered In Love,  I wanted something quick, easy and colorful for a Project Linus quilt.  Jenny Doan came out with a new pattern, Fence Rail Stars, not long ago which had me drooling over her colors and the simplicity of it.  The size is just right also, about 45 inches.  She used a really colorful jelly roll which was on my wish list.  
However, I knew I could find enough bright and child themed strips in my stash.  I also found I had a 2-yard piece of a not-quite white which needed to be used. I bought it back in my first rush of online fabric buying, not realizing there are dozens of whites with fancy names that don’t mix with each other. 
After gathering and piecing my sets of three strips, I happily cut them up into 6-1/2-inch squares.  Until I found that from each strip I had cut one square too short.  My non-math head doing its thing again.  However, in order to have something, anything for this blog I prepared four blocks with flip triangles and laid them out on my lovely new design floor, aka my recently replaced kitchen floor, to show you.
Since then I have found and pieced together enough strips to complete the project.  You really need to have them all at hand to do a balanced layout of colors.  This terrible weather is expected to last at least another week, so I will have the finished top to show you next week.
Until then I will also be working on my third AHIQ challenge, due next Tuesday.  I don’t know what I will do for other blues, maybe some friendship stars to add to my beginnings of a QOV project.  I’m learning from many of you how handy it is to have a parts department with blocks ready to be used.
I’m anxious to see all of your fine scrappy projects so please join me at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

17 thoughts on “RSC17 week 29

  1. Arrrgh! Don't you HATE when you miscue something. We've all been there, done that, and that's how many scraps are born! It's going to be a cute project, though. And hey, I'll trade you a couple hot sunny days for a couple days of cool and rain, OK??


  2. As always, I really love your geese migration blocks. That's going to be a fantastic quilt. The rail fence stars are great too. And I love your new floor! Hope the weather gets better soon. Ours is terribly hot too, with intermittent storms. I sympathize!


  3. I love the Geese Migration blocks, but it really does take a deep stash to make them, doesn't it? Love the shading in yours!
    And your strippy star looks like a fun pattern to play with!


  4. blue blocs look good and loving the rail fence stars must check out that seem to think I made a note to look it up the other day but got distracted. Liking the floor, i have a tiled one in the kitchen hate it it is so very cold but stuck with it unfortunately.


  5. Geese Migration are looking good. I like that little pinwheel sticking out in one of the pieces. Thanks for pointing out those rail stars. Those are sure cute.

    And, you are correct…it's always good to have a Parts Dept. and RSC is good for using scraps to add to it!


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