RSC17 week 28


Blue makes me feel cool, just what I need these days.  I’ve made progress on a couple of fronts this week.  For a start, I completed construction of two blue houses.  Would you believe an elephant can fit in a 6-inch square house?  Well, somehow he squeezed in when my back was turned.
At the last.minute today I decided to make my blue Folded Box block.  I did really careful trimming each piece to size and had a very easy time piecing it.  Why didn’t I think of that these last few months?

The major sewing project for the week, between the houses and the box, was binding my Summer Kaffe Fassett quilt.  It took almost nine jelly roll strips to do the job.  I used Bella strips in red.  I really am sold on those Bella strips, which come in a junior roll of 20 strips.  They have tiny pinking, so no fraying, and seem to fold and drape more easily,than other fabrics.  I stitched it down on the front first.  Then I did a zigzag on the back. Since the front border was such a mix of red tones, the occasional areas of zigzagging onto the border do not show at all.  
Here is a really good pic of the lovely longarm quilting.
This next photo show binding, back and front.
And finally, here is my Summer quilt on my bed.  Amazingly, for the first time in a year I slept eight hours straight.  There’s just something about sleeping under your own dream quilt!
I wish you all sweet summer dreams this week.
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13 thoughts on “RSC17 week 28

  1. Oh Paula! The quilt turned out so beautifully. No wonder you slept so well, LOL!!! I do my bindings just the opposite way you do; I sew them to the back, then turn them to the front and sew a straight stitch along the binding there. The front is tidy, and if the back occasionally wobbles off the binding onto the body, it's not noticeable. Different strokes….


  2. I love how you've been using a fun print in the doorways of all your houses – that will make this such an interesting quilt to look at! The folded box block is pretty in blue, too. Your Kaffe quilt looks perfect on your bed – happy to know you slept under it!


  3. I'm not surprised you slept well under that quilt. Between the gorgeous design, the lovely quilting, and the soft light hand of the Kaffe fabrics, it's a dream come true 🙂


  4. Paula your Faffe quilt is so lovely, shows off his fabrics so well, no wonder you had a good night`s sleep, like you I cannot remember the last time I slept through the night.
    Houses looking good especially with a fussy cut door and your folded box too


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