RSC17 week 27


Blue skies, blue water mean summertime and here we are celebrating the red, white and blue or the Canadian maple leaf.  I watched the Capitaal Fourth celebration honoring our country and the ordinary people who make it so great.
It was easy after getting out my blues to make a patriotic star for Covered In Love this month.

My first RSC17 blue project is my row for the Crayon quilt.  I will do the points at the end.  Cathy k in Utah finished her top last week, so check her,s out.

The other things I’ve been working on are two tops for Covered In Love to be donated to dying patients and their families at a large hospital in Tyler, Texas.  This is run by Kat Drinkwater of Kat and Cat Quilts.
I finished the first top, formerly Tossed Salad, which will be nameless after donation.  The patient and family can name it whatever they choose.  I think some cross name would be appropriate.

Fortunately,the mailing box will have enough room for my other top, Type Face, a cheerful variation of the Color Works pattern.  It is also adult size and I just added the border to finish it off.

I had this box of fat quarters sitting around for more than two years, so between these two Quilts I have made a significant dent in my stash.  Funny, though, I can’t see the stash getting smaller.
I love seeing all the amazing quilt projects each week.  The weekend is my favorite time to enjoy your posts, so please keep them coming.
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19 thoughts on “RSC17 week 27

  1. Our group at the end of the month will be working on kids charity quilts. I do like the crayon idea… as well as the Type face quilt … Now to get started..


  2. your 2 quilts for the hospital will be well appreciated I know, also the Canadian one s looking good too and will be finished very soon I am sure.Next weekend our group are putting blocks together for the victims in the Adriana concert bombing in Manchester, the Manchester quilting bee are coming with all the blocks and need help to convert them into quilts.Must get my featherweight out and make sure it is behaving itself during the week


  3. You're so generous and sweet to donate not one, but TWO tops to Covered in Love. Kat sure has a great charity going. And I love your QOV star, too. Way to go!


  4. LOVE that Type Face quilt!! Thanks for sharing (and for the reminder to go make a Star block for Covered in Love.) Have FUN with that wonderful selection of BLUE scraps, as surely there are more where those Crayon pieces came from!!


  5. I do like typeface Paula, it hits so many buttons for me. It makes a great scrap quilt and perfect to make on a short timescale on top of which it looks great. I love the blue strip, I'll be watching out for your crayon quilt.


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