Covered In Love, 6/27


l finished my Tossed Salad top for Covered In Love and showed it to my guild on Monday. 

When I checked the mailing box it took up less than half the space.  I had started work on another UFO from last year using a fat quarter bundle called Type Face purchased about three years ago.  The pattern is Colorworks, very popular in our quilt group and very simple.  A couple of months ago I finished making 120 blocks and they sat gathering dust.  
This week I joined pairs  of random blocks.  Then yesterday I called my granddaughter,  who got on the floor and laid out the pairs for twelve rows of five pairs each.  This is the layout.

So today I began piecing the strips.  Of course, when I checked the photo the  two top strips were reversed.  Imrov time.  Switching a couple of rows solved the problem.  

The good news, Kat, is I will be sending you a box with two finished tops instead of just one. This one is larger, about 60 X 75 inches.  Pray that no sewing disasters happen.  I’m thrilled to be giving you a double dip this first time contributing.  
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7 thoughts on “Covered In Love, 6/27

  1. good to see tossed salad completed and very much liking your other one, black sashing certainly makes things pop, wonder though how you join those together though looks like they might be complicated


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