RSC17 week 25


With yellow winding down and all my yellow projects done, I needed something new to add to this month’s stack of completed yellows.  I’ve been planning to do something entirely in solids for quite a while, but squirrels have come along and sidetracked me.  Not this time!
Ever since making those lovely but difficult Twinkler star blocks I’ve wanted an easier method.  Someplace in Quilty Blogland I found out about the Creative Grids Strippy Star ruler and finally bought one on line (with a fabric sale purchase, of course) a few weeks ago.  What color is better for a star.than yellow?  Dipping into my solid precuts, I made my first Strippy Star yesterday.

This was very easy to make and is 12-1/2 inches unfinished.  I was inspired by Mari’s wonderful star quilt project.  The ruler can be used for almost any size block and I like the look of scattered stars of different sizes.  I would plan to make them in different sizes, all solids using the RSC17 colors.  So now I have one more project to reward myself with an emoji every month.
You’ve seen my WIP, my so-called Tossed Salad quilt top for the Covered In Love charity project run by Kat at  It got finished in record time and I will show it on Monday at my guild.  

These are the pieces I have disliked for a long time, finally together and surrounded by a lovely old piece of blue floral.  That was what it needed to give it some life.  It measures about 50×60 inches.

I’m so pleased that it will go to a great cause, for hospital patients near death and their families.  I pray that it will speak of love and comfort to some family and their loved one.

Meanwhile, this week I’ve resurrected another UFO project to work on for Covered In Love.  I’m anxious to find out the color for July.  So far this has been a good summer here.  I wish you all a good stitching week.

For more quilting scrappy goodness, please take a peek at
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12 thoughts on “RSC17 week 25

  1. liking the block checked out the creative grids ruler have quite a few of theirs. It looks similar to the tri rec rulers but comes as one ruler instead of 2.Like you I am wondering hat to stitch next will have to do somenhting or I will go crazy with nothing to do. So liking the quilt the blue works so well with the blocks.


  2. What a great quilt and so nice of you to donate that to such a worthy cause. hopefully it will bring a good quilty hug to someone in need. LOVE your star block. I think a solid quilt is a wonderful idea and look forward to seeing you add blocks to the collection.


  3. Notice that Margaret mentioned the tri recs rulers. They will create the same long legged star points. Have fun with your new project. Will you go back to previous colours or move forward until you have enough for your quilt?


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