RSC17 week 24


This week I worked on my final yellow blocks, two yellow Geese Migration blocks.  They were difficult to find varieties of yellow to fill the blocks.  The light and dark are not very different.

I really enjoy making these blocks each month.  They will make a great rainbow.  
The latest project that popped into my head was to use some scrappy pieces hanging around for too long.  I had a container stuffed full of 2-inch repro strips and about 100 4-patch blocks in neutrals.

These reminded me of wilted salad and soggy crackers.
I decided to make 7-1/2 inch blocks using both pieces.  I also had a large piece of navy with little flowers, plenty for sashing and borders.  I got so excited about this project that I finished the 30 blocks in three days.  Sarah came to lay them out on my apt hallway design floor.  Not a bad use for the, tossed salad and crackers.

There are some yellows in there and I’m pleased that the collection looks softly colorful.  This first,sample shows the added sashing.

This 50×60 top will go to Covered In Love at Kat and Cats for donation to dying patients and their family at the large hospital in Texas where she is a  nurse.  She has local volunteers who will quilt it.
If you want to see more rainbow fun, go on over to
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

19 thoughts on “RSC17 week 24

  1. Wilted salad and soggy crackers – you never know what you'll find in the quilt scraps. Great way to use them up. The finished quilt will bring comfort to someone in a time of need. Great yellow blocks.


  2. I'm also laughing at the “wilted salad and soggy crackers”! Your quilt is way too attractive for that name!
    And I love your geese blocks. That's one of the quilts on my 'someday' list.


  3. Your analogy is spot on, because the first time I glanced at that photo, I thought it WAS a salad. The quilt is going to be gorgeous – congrats on an inspired quilt!


  4. Everything looks wonderful. Yellow is a challenging color, value wise. I find mixing colorful prints on yellow backgrounds and yellow and gold blends works somewhat. Red is another challenging color. I find it more challenging than yellow.


  5. Well, I like eating tossed salad and crackers and now I like viewing your tossed salad and crackers. What a splendid idea to use up those bits and pieces that have been laying around. And even better…someone will benefit from your tossed salad and crackers. Win, win all around.

    I like those Geese Migration blocks too. I haven't tried any yet but one of these days…


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