RSC 17 week 23


Despite having a large yellow stash, it was hard to come up with a decent mix of 20 yellow strips for my crayon block.  These show my progress with the crayons so far.  I will do the tips at the end.

I took two projects to show and tell at my guild meeting this week.  The Bananas quilt is finished and I gave it to a friend whose dad called her his little monkey, so it means a lot to her.

This week I completed the Folded Box in yellow.

Ever since I saw this block posted by Julie in GA at I have  been obsessed with the way the Folded Box block has a 3-D effect if done in the right choice of fabrics.  I love working with color and this block is really a challenge.  You can’t tell if the 3-D effect works until you lay out the cut pieces.

There must be contrast with light, medium and dark pieces.  Some colors are a real challenge, such as red and also yellow, our color for June at RSC.  Both of those colors have a very narrow range from light to dark.  Here is my yellow block for this month.  I make them at 12 inches finished.

I was not sure if I could do this without getting the dark pieces into brown. However, the paisley print I found mixes the two shades to appear as dark gold.  It is definitely not brown.  For the light pieces I chose the brightest light yellow I could find to stand out as the main color.  And the batik is just on the edge between yellow and orange.  

For these Folded Box blocks  done so far, I use the pattern found in in the 12-inch category, but called Folded Corners.  It has a good GIF pattern in different sizes.

I’ve been enjoying lovely weather this week, but tomorrow they say a week of high 80s is coming, so I should get more stitching done.  Thank God for AC!  I hope all of you friends have a productive week.  For weekend fun check out the doings at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

20 thoughts on “RSC 17 week 23

  1. Awesome folded box blocks! The fabrics you've chosen work perfectly. And the crayon blocks are coming along beautifully. I've been working on my crayons, too, and plan to finish them up this month. Have a great week, Paula!


  2. The 3D effect is awesome! What a sweet gift for your friend. We are to go to the high 80s / 90 degree weather starting tomorrow. I don't have whole house air but have been putting off having my son put the window A/C units in while cool weather is an option. I think that I'll 'cave' by tomorrow or so.


  3. I am so excited to see the crayon blocks in process. I have had the same problem with picking yellows – limited range of values. The folded box blocks rock!!!


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