Posted 6/12


This is what was hanging around in my studio and getting very tired looking.

No, it is not edible, never was.  These 2-inch strips were from a friend who could no longer sew.  She loved repros; I do not.  I used a few pieces in my AHIQ challenge two, but what to do with these?  

I was also constantly being nagged by about 100 little neutral 4-patch blocks.  They were rejected for the challenge top.  Two nights ago a flash of inspiration hit.  Why not combine them for a charity quilt?  These are the poor rejects, about seven months old.  They remind me of soggy crqckers.

And voila!  The combination of wilted greens and soggy crackers came alive and have a purpose.

I was so excited that in less than 24 hours I have made 17 of the 25 squares I plan to use.  I have a nice dark blue with little flowers, enough for sashing and border.  I’ll keep you  posted. I just had to let you know I can work with repros after all.
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4 thoughts on “Posted 6/12

  1. I think you made a lovely, traditional combination of fabrics here. Not your usual style, but someone will truly love the finished quilt! No need for the charity to know you think of it as Soggy Crackers and Wilted Lettuce 😀


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