RSC17 week 22

Junemhas,just arrived and yellow is here.  So soon.  In fact, I just changed my calendar and ripped off June along with,May.  That’s a little too fast for such a lovely month to be gone.  What about all those,dads and grads and weddings?  It needs to be a nice long month to squeeze it all in.
At least I was able to find a large yellow stash.  However, yellow is like red, with a very narrow range between light and dark. Right away I find myself having to choose the golds and even browns to create some contrast.  I thinking some lime yellows might find,their way into my blocks.  But that’s okay with me.  We do whatever it takes to get the effect we want in our work.
All that to say that,the only yellows I have to,show are two little houses.

See what I mean about the brown and gold?  It’s already in there.

This little house is more cheerful and someone in there likes flowers.
The last post I,had asked,your help to decide what sashing to use.  The great majority voted for the black and/or the lime.  That was like a lightbulb in my mind.  Use both!  It fits perfectly in with my theme, which I can’t reveal just yet because of the Ad Hoc Improv Quilts Challenge reveal. Here is a,sneak preview of how I have combined them.

I’m having some problems with my new iPad, so I will finish and hopefully get it published.  I wish you all a fun week stitching.
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26 thoughts on “RSC17 week 22

  1. I love what you're doing with your houses. Very cheerful and alive. I know that upsets some people who like everything dull and boring but we're all different! That's what makes life so interesting.
    You're right June needs to be a long month full of celebrating.


  2. yellow hoses loo good, you are on the ball have not even checked for fabric yet. The other houses look good too. Hope the ipad gets easier to use lie you I struggle with modern gadgets!


  3. LOVE how you mixed two sashing colors! I've learned something new today! Thank you for sharing! I also really like your house blocks! Maybe I'm the one living in your second house block – I love me some flowers! 😉


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