RSC17 week 19


This week has been beautiful weather, a perfect time to visit our local arboretum.  All the flowering trees and bulbs were in bloom when Beth and I went there on Saturday.  She also gave me a pot for my deck, filled with a brilliant yellow and green hosta from her garden and some violets that came along for the ride.  So spring is in full bloom on my deck.

But with major maintainance things going on in this building there has been very little free time for sewing.  I did get my green Folded Box block done and am very happy with it.

Another project I have started is Ad Hoc Improv Quilts second challenge, run this month by Kaja and Ann at   This challenge is to use two different blocks together.  
A while back I experimented with some stack and whack houses.  These were made with four 10-inch blocks and I made two sets of four wonky houses.  I had no project in mind for them, so they are WIPs now.  These would make a nice small quilt with alternating blocks.  I decided to go improv on these blocks, totally random neutrals.  Here are the beginning results.

I’m thinking of a theme for this group, which will use additional features.  It’s a quarterly project, so there is time to give it some careful thought and trials.
By my next post I will have a new kitchen floor to replace a rip that became a pothole.  I also have a buyer for most of my doll collection.  I have no place to display them.  I will save two or three of my favorites with childhood memories.  MORE ROOM FOR FABRIC and the money will pay for the longarm quilting on my Kaffe Fassett quilt.
I hope everyone is free of flooding now and able to enjoy the sunshine.  Green sure is my favorite color this month.  
You will find lots more inspiration at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

16 thoughts on “RSC17 week 19

  1. I love all the green, too, Paula! Green outside and also in the sewing room! That sure is a pretty pot on your deck, as is your green folded box block. Have fun with the improv project! I should check that blog out, too!


  2. Your box block is delicious! And the hosts is breathtaking! Nothing says spring like green does, and I'm glad to hear that so many good things are happening for you during this lovely time!!


  3. Lovely pot Paula, I haven't seen that hostage before, it's beautiful. Your folded block is lovely and I'm interested in seeing where you are going with your wonky house blocks. I'm glad you are getting a new floor, the old one sounds hazardous.


  4. the folded box has worked so well loving the batik fabric in it. Sad to say goodbye to your dolls, I have 43 Royal Doulton figures and thinking they need to go too fingers crossed I can sell them but think I will send them to auction like you just keep one or two. Liking the stack and whack house, just made 24 crazy stack and whack blocks a technique I really like.


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