RSC17 week 18


I have a friend who lived in England for nine years and traveled extensively through Europe.  We have been sharing our interest in art and architecture.  This week it was about Peterborough Cathedral near Cambridge.  It was built and added on from the 1100’s to the 1500’s.  Look at these ceiling designs painted on wood and sculpted in limestone.

Don’t these designs look familiar?  How many quilts have we seen with variations of these 500-year-old patterns?   The same thing is true throughout the history of architecture and/or design all over the world.  It is humbling to know that we are carrying on ancient art whether or not we recognize it.
i have finished my banana quilt, using my RSC blocks from last year along with fabric and fleece I had forgotten I had.  My good friend loves it and said her father caller her his little monkey, so it means a lot to her.  She has given of herself to me in many ways, so this quilt will be my gift of thanks to her.

I also started on my greens with the simplest one, the green crayon.

With all the trees leafing out in that lovely yellow green now, it’s so nice to be getting inspiration from nature in all its wonders.  I wish I could capture bird songs in a quilt.  They are singing their hearts out as well.   I wish all of you a happy month of May.
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14 thoughts on “RSC17 week 18

  1. We have a cardinal's nest somewhere on our property, so we've been seeing them every day. Nice start on the green! The cathedral is beautiful, too.


  2. Love the little banana quilt : )
    Good start on the greens. Many RSC people are making crayons this year. Will be lots of FUN seeing all these colorful crayons sewed together into quilts in December! Most excellent scrap busters, too.


  3. I have never been to Peterborough but if I ever do I will certainly visit the Cathedral.Banana quilt is so good and loving all those greens, went to see the bluebells in the woods the other day and the sun shining through the trees made the fresh greens look wonderful


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