RSC17 week 17


TOP ONE:  I finished piecing my Summer quilt and showed it at the Monona Quilters meeting on Monday.  Some of the folks there had never seen a Kaffe Fassett quilt before.  It is 82 X 90 inches, so the entire top could not be in the photo, but everyone got an eyeful.

On Tuesday my friend Sue came over to pick it up and help me choose a quilting design.  I chose one with open circular swirls including some leaves and feathers.  The backing is light blue and white, so that should show the quilting very well. It should be finished by the end of May.  
TOP TWO:  I had some free time this week and wanted to work on a UFO.  I found my RSC16 16-patch blocks, which had been pieced with some added blocks to make 16.  That was last November.  But it was too small for a small child quilt. It needed 6 inches added all around to make it about 44 inches square.  

When I dug into the hidden areas of my stash I discovered a fleece blanket and some coordinating fabric. Monkeys and bananas, a combination only a child or a quilter could love.

There was enough fabric to do four side pieces of 6 inches, but not the corners.  What better corners than some 9-patch blocks! I whipped the whole thing together in no time.

Wow!  Another super bright flimsy waiting to be backed and finished for Project Linus.  I was even in time on Thursday to link up a post with Ad Hoc Improv Quilts for Kaya at Sew Slowly.  It really was improvised, not at all planned ahead.  
I hope you all had a good stitching week and know that this month of multicolored fabrics was a fun 
learning experience, as it was for me.  Thank you, Angela.
See what all the colorful scrappy fun is about this week at 
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

16 thoughts on “RSC17 week 17

  1. That is AWESOME!!!! Happy you didn't leave those blocks in the orphan block box for long because I Love it. You did good. A little one somewhere will love it!
    Beautiful KF quilt top, too.


  2. Such colorful goodness at your place! It is amazing when people haven't heard of whatever it is that “everyone” has heard of. Or a technique that “everyone” has tried.


  3. Hmm, some of your quilting friends must live under rocks to not know about KF! Just kidding. I bet you could say Kaffe Fassett to a few quilters who wouldn't know his work or fabric. In the meantime, the rest of us are having a blast studing his work and playing in his gorgeous fabric. You sure know how to do both! I love that quilt and can't wait to see it quilted!


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