RSC17 week 16


This week I’ve spent nearly all my time piecing my Summer KF quilt.  I plan to show it at our Monona Quilters group on Monday.  It will still need the outer red border at that point, but I can’t wait for my friends to see it.  You folks online saw the whole layout last week, but they have only seen two blocks.  
So, in checking off  monthly list of projects and blocks, I found I needed to make two multicolored houses for the month’s RSC17 part.  It took very little time to make them.  

I was really happy to find the sweet kitten for the yellow house.  She seems to be growing an avocado tree from seed in the little pot.
Then I decided to pull out the rest of the houses and, instead of eight, there were ten of them!  I see that two others are multis, so I must have made them at the beginning of April and forgot to take pics before putting them in my pile.   So here are the ten done so far.

The blue and pink house and the wild striped one are the two extra multis.  It’s the first time I’ve gotten ahead rather than behind in my blocks.  I think it will probably be a onetime event.
Here is another multi I made back in 1980.  We moved from California to Sopkane  WA two years before, but Roger lost his job there and found work in the Seattlle area, 300 miles away.  I wanted to make a memory quilt of our stay there.  I asked my little quilt group for advice and, with their generous help in piecing the squares, I got all of our friends signatures on the throw quilt. But the border did not work out.  It was only  my second quilt and I did not know how to measure the width across the middle, etc.  When I hand quilted the first side it was very wavy, a disaster.  I never did finish it until last year, when I just cut the border off and made a wraparound binding with the backing.  So now Sarah has a nice snuggle quilt with many of our memories.

I used fabrics from Beth’s clothing and other calicoes, real 1970’s style.  But it has not aged a bit, a forgotten piece of our past with a new life.
I hope all of you are making good progress toward your goals, whether a few or many.  Each finish is something to celebrate and we all celebrate with you.
Wishing all of you a lovely springtime.
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17 thoughts on “RSC17 week 16

  1. your houses are going to make a lovely quilt. Liking the signature quilt too so good you got round to completing it. So much for spring time we are being warned that we could get snow this week


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