RSC17 week 14


What a change this month.  It’s not as simple as I thought to work out a good piece using multicolored fabrics.  First of all, I can’t do a crayon this month.  All the wax colors would mush together into muddy brown, not very exciting.  
My project for this week was two Geese Migration blocks.  But how do you make them noticeably different?  My solution was grouping them by dark and strong versus lighter and paler.  The starting point was a dark midnight blue with dull gold dots.  That made the sky for the first group of geese, and strong, bright color mixes were easy to find.

As you can see, within that range I was able to grade the geese from light to dark.
The daylight block was trickier.  I finally chose a sandy beach fabric for the triangles.  Apparently the geese decided to take a break and relax in the sun.  Here the squares are softer also.
I had a busy week otherwise, so all that I got done was my Summer quilt blocks 21 and 22.  It’s getting more difficult to find combinations I haven’t used before.  That’s where photo records come in handy.  But Kaffe Fassett hasn’t let me down yet.  

We still have very few flowers in bloom, so I’m happy to be working with all these fun multis.  Can’t wait to see what all of you have come up with this week.
Wishing all of you a lovely springtime.
See what all the colorful scrappy fun is about this week at 
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

18 thoughts on “RSC17 week 14

  1. The flying geese blocks are lovely. You did a very good job taming the colors so we don't lose the geese. On the block side too. Love your blocks for the Summer quilt, especially the second one. Awesome! ;^)


  2. I think your geese migration blocks turned out great, Paula! What a good idea you had – to divide them between lights and darks. The Summer quilt blocks are pretty, too. I especially like the second one you showed!


  3. Your inspired choice of light(Sandy beach) and dark (midnight blue) fabrics work so well for your flying geese blocks. I'm not doing the RSC but loving seeing what others make. I know I would not have known where to start with the multi coloured fabrics.


  4. I've run into the same challenge: finding backgrounds that allow the multicolor scraps to stand on their own. I'm thinking I'm going to have to break out of the white on whites I've been using for my postage stamp stars…


  5. liking your scrappy geese have not done my crazy block foe the challenge yet.Your Kaffe fabrics are looking good too his fabrics are so colourful I do have a couple of pieces but tat is all


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