RSC17 week 13


I finished my red projects last week, but I had a major finish to keep me busy this week.  However, before I forget, here’s a tip I’ve been meaning to pass on.  Free sturdy storage containers.
These a just a few of the handy free containers I’ve saved from recycling to use for my quilting storage.  Left to right, a fresh strawberry container holding short strips,  a Rubbermaid square (not really free, but a nice tight lid).  This holds all my open basting pins, because I use the larger ones.  Third is a donut hole box which is the perfect size for my rolls of thread.  The last is a food container used for neutral 4-patches, which I may use someday. 
So don’t throw out those plastic food containers.  They are great quilting containers and FREE!
I’m also including my latest Summer quilt blocks.  These feature two of the beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics sent by Cynthia of Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework.

Isn’t this the most gorgeous teal and blue fabric?  This is going to be a corner block on my quilt.

This HOT number will have to claim a center spot on the quilt.
THE REVEAL:  I entered the quarterly Ad Hoc Improv Quilts challenge run by Ann of Fret Not Yourself and Kaja at Sew Slowly.  Several years ago I was inspired to make a wall hanging symbolizing Hope.  When their challenge was Chinese coins pattern I made a number of false starts and then remembered  Hope.  So my project became Seeds of Hope, buried deep in rich soil and waiting to sprout toward the sunlight.  

I found all the dark scraps I could and included the bright patches to repellent the life in the seeds.  The sun was attached with Modge Podge on a scrap of old tie dye for sky.  I used Grunge fabric strips for their earthiness.   It measures about 16 X 30 inches.

The backing came from my stash, showing the flowers that bloomed.  It also became the binding.

The quilting was done freehand,with my walking foot.  It represents God’ life force moving in the seeds.  
The border is a very rough idea of vines or leaves.

Here is a good view of the overall quilting.

After a rough week and a rush to finish this, I’m really looking forward to April for the new RSC17 color and the new AHIQ challenge.
Wishing all of you a lovely springtime.
See what all the colorful scrappy fun is about this week at 
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18 thoughts on “RSC17 week 13

  1. I have quite a few reuse containers in my sewing room. They are useful for so many things. I recently had some printing done at Staples and they delivered it in two lovely cardboard boxes just perfect for keeping my RSC projects organized. The Hope mini is a great harbinger of spring.


  2. I've been saving plastic food containers for some years too, but here supermarkets are moving away from plastic to card for packing their perishable wares like fruit and veg. Collect these boxes while you can!


  3. Your mini has inspired me to do something like that. It's very nice and I get a great feeling from it!
    The storage containers are a great idea. I usually use those to put different scraps of food in to take out to my outside critters. Different food for different critters, and then there are the ones solely for composting. I may just have to save out some for my quilting treasures!


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