This is the end of the quarter for our first Ad Hoc Improv Quilts challenge, using Chinese coins.

For me it’s a continuation of a quilt design I had in mind several years ago.  There was a group collecting small wall hangings to auction off, to benefit Hospice.  This was very meaningful to me because my husband was cared for in hospice until he passed away in 2010.  Just when I had my design and fabrics ready to use, they announced they were closing the auction because they had reached their $250,000 goal.  I was disappointed but kept the fabrics and the idea in mind.
I began my improv by challenging myself to stick to neutrals or b/w fabrics.

This  did not inspire me at all.  I stared at it with some variations for a week before dumping it.
Then I remembered the old challenge, which I had called Hope.  I began fresh with many layers of dark pieced strips, with an occasional bright spot added.
I turned it vertically and it became Seeds of Hope, planted deep in good soil and working their way up,toward the light. The sun was attached with ModPodge on this tie-dyed remnant
The layers start with gray at the bottom, the bedrock, and the hole is filled with lots of good mulch and soil nutrients.  The seeds are reaching for the morning light.
I found two lengths of green for the border and ended up with less than an inch to spare.  
This morning I found just the right backing fabric in my stash.  I’ve gotten it pinned but not quilted yet.  That will involve sinuous vines creeping upward. Sorry I did not get this entirely finished.  A health problem interfered last week, but I’m fine now and ready to quilt it and self bind it with the backing.
Here is my progression so far and I hope to have it finished this week.  The backing represents all the flowers that will brighten this useless space and bring hope to those who see them.

I’m very happy to be linking up with Ad Hoc Improv Quilter at Ann’s blog, Fret Not Yourself.  Please check out the fascinating things shared there by really talented people.

8 thoughts on “AIHC CHALLENGE, MARCH 26

  1. What a wonderful story, Paula. We've had family in hospice; they are the most caring people. Your move from all neutral to these hopeful colors is masterful. I'm so glad you could incorporate your original fabrics with Chinese Coins into this beautiful quilt. Thank you so much for linking your inspiring post with #AHIQChineseCoins.


  2. What a great story behind your piece. I like that this carries so much meaning,and has created an original take on the Chinese Coins. I especially like your little flashes of yellow and orange against the darker tones.


  3. I love the theme of this quilt. Do you know the painting Song of the Lark by Jules Breton? Years ago I saw it at the Art Institute in Chicago. It had such an emotional impact on me. Your quilt top with its coloration and theme of hope gives me the same feeling.


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