RSC17 week 11


It sounds crazy to say that and it’s really about the values of red compared to other colors.  I wanted to do another Folded Box block for March to go with the others.

See the strong contrast here that gives it a 3-D effect?  You can do that with lots of colors, but not with red.  On this color chart sample you see instantly that all the other colors have a range from light to dark, but look at red.  Blah, nada, only ONE value.  

So I can’t make a Folded Box this month.  I will have to substitute the pink one I made last year as a sample, which turned out very well.  That’s the end of my rant about red.
  I did make two red Geese Migration blocks, one using more rosy red to get some variety.

I’m making great progress on these blocks, have18 out of 30 finished.  Some folks said they would like to see more of them at once, so here is a selection.  The blocks are super simple with only five seams in the 12.5 inch block.  Most blocks have red/orange/lavender to join up for sashing and the outer ones will have a gorgeous red print for the entire border.


I love these Kaffe Fassett fabrics and can’t wait to use it on my own bed.  Perhaps it will be so bright I won’t be able to get to sleep!  
Happy Quilt Appreciation Day to all of you.  I hope we all are able to enjoy spring very soon.  We have lots of birds, but no flowers yet.  
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21 thoughts on “RSC17 week 11

  1. My way to deal with reds is to incorporate plaids, polka dots, stripes, geometrics, and reds with splashes of other colors – making it about the textures and nuances with the color itself in a supporting role. That and mixing in burgundy, wine, scarlet, red-orange, etc. Of course, I haven't sewn a single one yet this month even those the stack is pulled and waiting patiently . . .


  2. You're a terribly bad influence on me, with all those luscious Kaffe fabrics. When I go broke from buying them, I expect you to come visit me in the Poorhouse! I think red is a fun color. Depending on the scraps you have, you might just try adding in prints with more or less white to create the shading needed for the Folded Box block. Well, you're done with it now, so never mind! :-). xo


  3. I've always struggled with using red in my quilts, and now I know why! Your explanation about the lack of range of values made total sense to me. Pink seems like a different color than just “pale red.”


  4. I had not given red much thought before but yes it is a colour that does not have shades to it as others have suggested the only way around it is to use patterned fabrics. The Kaffe blocks look super so colourful


  5. Very nice! I had that same problem with reds this month, trying to find alternating lights and darks. Red very quickly turns into pink, orange, or brown. Glad you have a nice alternative!


  6. Very pretty blocks! I found a similar problem with the reds. I've been trying to put a dark in the center of each fan, with lighter colors on the edges. It was really hard to do with the reds.


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