RSC17 week 10


This week I got so excited when I read a post from Nell about some improv houses made the stack-and-whack  way.  She directed me to The Stash Bee, June Hive 9 tutorial.  Starting with four different 10-in squares, the cutting is done freehand.  In no time I had made a set of four wonky houses, which I love, love, love. 

Last night I made another set in reds for March RSC.

They finish at 8.5 inches square, which is a size I’ve used for 16-patch and improv blocks last year.  I plan on combining them with some blocks like that.  These don’t replace my 6.5-inch houses to go with my little boats.  Why do these projects keep mutiplying so fast?  
I also made my March crayon strip.  I’m including some rosy colors as well, not really pink.
On Monday I took my Farm Boy quilt to show at Monona Quilters.  Everyone liked the double-sided Project Linus quilt, especially here in Wisconsin with so many children living on or acquainted with farms.  

I also volunteered to make a neonatal flannel blanket that is already precut.  
My stack of Kaffe Fassett blocks for my Summer quilt is now up to 14 of the 30 needed.  This is the one I made this morning after pondering the choices overnight.  I love the roses, but the companion fabrics were harder to decide on.  When you get it right, it just sings to you.

Meanwhile I am in charge of our senior complex second Show and Tell Quilt Event.  Folks bring their family quilts and tell us the stories about them.  The one three years ago was a big success and the population here has changed, so there will be other quilts and stories.  My goal is to make people aware of the treasures they have and be able to pass them along to their families.
I hope each of you is able to make someone aware of our quilt gems this month.
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18 thoughts on “RSC17 week 10

  1. Love your little houses! They will look great with some 16 patches. The crayons look great too. We need a sneak peek of the Summer quilt blocks together.


  2. Those little houses are lovely. I'm tempted to make them too. Your summer quilt block certainly sings; it brings the warm summer garden right into out chilly winter world!


  3. I love those little houses! (Beach cabanas? Or one of those colorful little mountainside villages that spill down to the sea? Could totally go with your boats!)
    And that Kaffe square really is singing!


  4. Oh, those little houses are wonderful, Paula! What a great idea! I especially like the pink, red, and green ones. Makes me think of some blocks I made out of some bright solid 10 inch squares. Wish I would have seen those houses first! (PS -I know how we get so many of these projects going! It's all the inspiration from our bloggy friends!:)


  5. off to check out the houses as really love these. Not surprised the linus quilt went down well I too loved it. All the blocks coming along well, Kaffe fabrics make great blocks. Best of luck with the show and tell


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