RSC17 week 9


This week has been a mishmash of different projects.  I officially finished my teal blocks, so I decided to work on some bigger projects.  
I now have 12 of my Kaffe Fasset squares done for my Summer quilt.  One pic did not turn out well, but here are the other two new ones.  And look at the featured colors in them.  RED!  Well, it is an accent color,  but the amount varies in each block.  None of my pics show the true intense colors that KF combines. 

Each one seems to be my favorite for different reasons.  On the first I really was awed by the purple and red large block, along with the intense turquoise.  In the second, I was delighted that the red polka dot strip fit in so well.  
I have also been working on the Ad Hoc Improv Quilts quarterly challenge run by Ann and Kaja.  The first challenge is to use the Chinese coins pattern in an improv way.  Here is what I’m working on, a wall hanging which is only partly finished  but has special meaning for me.  I’m challenging myself to work with the dark colors.   

You can check out the Ad Hoc Improv Quilter at Ann’s blog, Fret Not Yourself, or at Sew Slowly with Kaja.

The main thing I’ve been busy with is quilting my Farm Boy quilt.  Once I switch to my walking foot for that, it is too much trouble with screws and shaking hands to put it on and off.  I’m doing the binding but am not finished, so I will save that for Angela’s finishing Linky.

What is RED saying to you?  I’ve been saving stash for a veteran’s quilt and this would be a good month to work on that. 
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13 thoughts on “RSC17 week 9

  1. I have to change my walking foot and regular foot back and forth when quilting something, too, Paula! It is a pain, so I end up not working on much else when I am quilting, like this week. Now I'm so glad to be able to piece again! I love your Kaffe blocks, and the wall-hanging for the challenge will be beautiful with the dark fabrics and pop of yellow.


  2. I like your take on the Coin quilt… especially those bright pops of color in the darker background!! Red? Speaking to ME?! I think it's telling me to finish up the two projects that I have on the go, as RED is incorporated into both.


  3. Big bold Kaffe fabrics are so much fun to play with. I'm so fortunate to have my mom's old Singer set up so I can always do some straight stitching even when trying to do some machine qilting. Switching out those feet can be such a bother.


  4. Kaffe Fasset sure does know how to rock the colors! Love your little improv quilt. I'll have to check out that challenge. Have a great weekend. Lots of great projects to do.


  5. blocks show off the Kaffe fabrics so well and really liking the pop of yellow on little quilt. Fortunately it is easy on my bernina to change feet no screw driver etc needed


  6. I have never bought Kaffe's fabrics before, but I love what you have done with them, I love a bit of colour. Nice Chinese coins quilt, nice colour pops in a subtle background, I love where your quilting is going just now, and you have such a workflow. Did you know you can use your walking foot for ordinary stitching too Paula? One of the uses is slippery fabrics so cotton will not present any problems, although you may not have the guides you will have on some of your other feet.


  7. Last month it was so wonderful to see bits of red mixing into the teal blocks. So I'm not surprised to see how wonderful peaks of turquoise are with red. Your summer quilt is going to be beautiful year round.


  8. Your vibrant blocks are going to make a smashing quilt. And now I'm looking for Kaffe fabrics too. I did order 6 yards of one for a quilt backing. It's all your fault, LOL. Thanks for dropping by my blog and forgive this 2-in-1 comment. I appreciate your prayers for DH. xo.


  9. Kaffe Fasset fabrics are just so vivid. Beautiful blocks! Hope you've finished getting the binding on and are back to stitching on your new red projects.


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