RSC17 week 7

Due to lack of space I don’t have a design wall or a floor to leave things on.  So I’m passing along my idea for a design tray, which is very handy.  In the photo below you see a bright painting done by sweet Sarah, laying on its side.  I keep it there below my work table to help hide the “stuff” under the table, boxes of fabric, my cutting mat and large rulers, etc.  
When I turn it over it is a nice big tray for arranging block pieces.  The surface is rough so they don’t slip and can even stand upright without falling off.  Here I’m testing the layout for my crayon block of 2 by 5 inch strips.  It is also very lightweight and can be easily moved or put on the table when I do piecing, so the pieces stay in order.  So if you have an unused stretched canvas or find an old one at a thrift store, I’m sure you will find it very useful.
Below is the finished crayon strip for February.  I’ll do the points when I finish all the strips.  By the way, a blogger, don’t remember who, mentioned an app for grouping photos.  I got Collage free for my iPad and like using it for a connected group like this.

My latest flimsy and back finish for my Project Linus Farm Boy quilt.  I showed you the top two weeks ago.

I was lucky to find this scenic farm fabric in my stash.  By adding the aqua and brick red strips it matches the front size and the sides will be trimmed to match.  It took only 15 minutes to make it!  

This is not due until May so I’m starting on a couple of other things, one for RSC17 and one for myself.
I read that poly batting is better for kids quilts because it dries fast in the dryer and is durable.  I was lucky to find a roll of it hiding behind some boxes today.  Hooray for free or forgotten things.  No need for Hobby Lobby this time.  
I’m really enjoying our spell of warm weather up to 60, hopefully the end of winter here.  I wish all of you dear friends a fun week whatever you are doing.  Just keep stitching!
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21 thoughts on “RSC17 week 7

  1. That's such a quick finish on the farm boy quilt, and it'll make a nice present for a little farmer's boy! I haven't seen crayon quilts before; I need to search the Internet for more info.


  2. Thank you for your comment on my post! I am doing three of each color for the boots. For the quilt I am making with them, there are thirty blocks, so with ten colors…
    What a great idea for the design “wall”. I have a design wall that is less than desirable, but it works. I saw it on someone's blog and tried it out. It is extremely temporary, and it gets in the way all the time!
    I love those crayon quilts. You have some pretty teals…blue not blues in there.
    I LOVE your Project Linus quilt. The backing is genius!!!


  3. Since I am making a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow for backing and batting so that I can finish a quilt, I am quite jealous of your find! That is a great idea for using an old canvas for a tray! I actually have one (a painting from one of those “paint and sip” events), and didn't know what to do with it. Now I do! Have a great week, Paula!


  4. Love the colors in this month's crayon block. Congrats on your finds for the backing and batting for your Project Linus quilt, which is very cute. Happy stitching this week.


  5. linus quilt looks great plan to make some too as I have lots of child friendly fabrics. Also crayon block looking good. Re your app for photos I have to find something else for lap top, it has been taken back to new as it got corrupted and now it says picasa is no longer available to download as google do not do it any more what a blow it took me for ever to learn how to use it!


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