RSC17 week 4


My list of purple projects has grown a bit this week.  First, I have a heap of purple 4-patch blocks I’m not using.  So I thought about adding something to perk them up.  I call it Sparks.  It’s just little flip triangles added here and there before piecing a larger block.

I like the way it turned out, but I’m not sure if I will continue it as a rainbow project.
Another Project Linus quilt I’m working on is Color Me, with a rainbow of crayons.  Here is my purple crayon strip without the tip.
These two Geese Migration and one Folded Box   complete my purple projects this month, the first time I’ve ever met the deadline.

Now  for the finish I promised last week.  Beth and Sarah came over to pick up Sarah’s new quilt and take some good photos.  Her iPhone takes much sharper pics than my iPad.  My building hallway worked pretty well for the lighting.  I call it Color Charms.

The back was a real improv job because I enlarged the front.  So extra strips and charms had to make the back equal in size.  The top has an extra gray strip and the bottom has an added black strip.  At least we can tell up from down now.

Sarah was delighted with it and the timing was perfect.  The quilt blocks were laid out last summer by Sarah and her exchange student from France.  This week they found out that another girl from France will be arriving next week, so the quilt will be on their guest room bed for her three week visit.  
It’s not exactly an RSC 16 finish, but it definitely has enough rainbow colors to qualify!
Can’t wait to learn the new color and see all your great finishes.  Please join me for lots more fun at
Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

22 thoughts on “RSC17 week 4

  1. Sparks is a great block. I bet it would look great with other rainbow blocks made the same way! Just saying…:)
    Your finished quilt is really pretty and the back is as fun as the front.


  2. such a variety of blocks with the piurple, liking th splash of colour in the first it works very well. The quilt looks super and having such a colourful back is equally good back and front fully reversible


  3. Paula, your purple blocks look great! I love the four patches with the triangle sparks – that is such a fun idea! Sarah's scrappy quilt looks wonderful! I love those kinds of quilts that have fun scrappy fabrics and simple piecing.


  4. Those little sparks are fantastic! All your other purples are perfect, too. And that charm quilt definitely qualifies as a rainbow quilt – all the colors are dancing happily together!


  5. Oh my goodness! First, Color Charms is sooooo gorgeous! I love all the saturated color!! And your purple blocks for January are great. Adding those sparks of color to your patchwork block sure jazzes it up! Brilliant! Stay warm and keep on sewing! xo


  6. That's a clever trick, to sew flip-over corners on your 4-patches; it's totally transformed the block! Lots of great purple sewing, and the colourful charm quilt is a lovely finish with a very eye-catching backing – great work!


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