RSC17 week 2


All of a sudden January has arrived and besides lots of snow and freezing, Angela has stated our Rainbow Scrap Challenge year off with purple.  I’m amazed at how much purple I have in my stash.  The color is confusing, sometimes bluish and others on the maroon side.  The patterns I’ve chosen allow me to mix and match.
My main rainbow project this year is Geese Migration by Cynthia at Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework .  It’s 25 scrappy 10-inch blocks set on point, so there is plenty of room for a rainbow of colors.  I’ve started off with a lavender toned one and a darker purple.  It’s just three columns of 2-1/2-inch squares paired with five flying geese.  She uses the flip triangle method for the geese,so easy.  

I’m very pleased with this start for 2017. 

I’ve also been working away on Sarah’s Color Charms quilt, which got pinned this afternoon with the help of a friend.  We worked down in our club room with big tables for doing the job.  The only one who gets on the floor any more is Sarah.  I used Warm and White batting, bought off the 90-inch roll with my Hobby Lobby coupon.  
Here are two glimpses of the top.


Because I decided that the top was too small, I added three more rows across and two mor down the side.  Since the back was already in progress, I had to keep adding segments to make it match. 

I added the center strips and blocks, which made it work.  The Cotton and Steel fat quarters were purchased with a giveaway by Gotham from Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts, and the cute village scene was a piece I had in my stash.
  I bought some rolls of black and gray Bella strips by Moda on sale at Green Fairy Quilts.  I find that I really prefer them to the Kona strips because they are cut with a tiny pinked edge, so no fraying. The fabric itself seems slightly weightier and folds press out very easily.  Just passing that info?

I was so anxious to get this project quilted,  with a friend’s help we got it pinned quickly.  I decided to quilt it with grey thread, switched to my machine’s walking foot and dove right in.  Just horizontal and vertical lines, very simple.  My arms began aching and i soon felt like I was wrestling with an elephant!  But with the help of muscle rub and ibuprofen I finished half of it in two days, incredible for me.  Two more days should finish it and I can get my 1/4-inch foot back in use again and take the quilt to show and tell at our guild.  Hooray! Back to the rainbow again.

I’m so anxious to see what each of you is going to be doing for RSC17.  It surely will be colorful and perhaps some new creatures will come on the scene.

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27 thoughts on “RSC17 week 2

  1. liking the block you have chosen for the frainbow challenge, thinking maybe doing churn dash for mine. The quilt looks great how good to have a friend help you pinning it that is the part I dread most when it comes to making a quilt


  2. Your Geese Migration blocks in purple are so pretty! I love that quilt, too, and it's tempting to start one! I know what you mean about purple – so many different shades of it. The quilt for Sarah looks great – very happy colors!


  3. Lots of beautiful progress in your sewing room! Love your prints. I totally agree with you about shades of purple. I'm not sure what to do with some of the shades of purple I have in my stash.


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